Archangel Michael

archangel michael

This angel is the ray of protection and faith for you. Known as the Prince of the Archangels, He is the defender of your faith and the Angel of deliverance. The prince who stands for the children of its people is what the Archangel Michael is referred to as in the Book of Daniel. 

Being the most famous amongst all of the Archangels, the Guardian Archangel Michael has churches named after him and is mentioned in the Bible and other sacred texts multiple times. 

There are many paintings of Him where He has his sword up above His head and a demon pinned underneath Him. These paintings show how its primary purpose is to slaughter the fear and ago amongst men and women.

When to call upon Archangel Michael

Every Archangel has its specialties; just like that, this angel has many special powers. The main ones have been listed here for you:


Being one of the most powerful Archangels, it defends all those things that are pure. They can be intentions, property, thoughts, or desires.

Whenever something pure is at risk of being attacked by a demon with its evil intentions, Archangel Michael intervenes in miraculous ways to safeguard the purity in this world by various means.

Like the other Archangels, he will protect our bodies, the people we love, our property, and any other thing associated with purity.

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Protection while in vehicles

You may have heard in many cases that the Guardian Angel Michael saved a soul by protecting him from an unforeseen accident that could have been fatal.

Yes, it does protect us while we are in our vehicles driving from one place to another. What we must do is, ask “Angel, help me”! This angel is always protecting you, but by asking Him for protection, you will assure Him that you believe in Him and therefore you will receive His help.

Angel Michael’s protection is all you need while you are in your vehicles. And remember that you may be as well protected with the help of the other 7 Archangels.

Protection of belongings

Fear is a natural phenomenon you are born with. It is natural to feel fear or be scared due to certain reasons. The fear of losing your belongings is one such fear.

But, you must not fear… for Archangel Michael protects your belongings as well. With its protection, you can never lose or misplace your belongings.

Or let’s say you do, you can always ask Him for help by saying “Angel, help me”! Putting your trust in is all you need to do and help will always be with you wherever you go.

Spiritual protection

It is your guardian and protector. To shield you against negative energies surrounding you, your angel will help you if you ask Him for help.

He had the abilities and strength to safeguard you from the negativities that might become a part of you and lead you to do terrible things. Therefore, you should believe in this angel and seek His help.

Appointed as the guardian of God’s people, God chose Archangel Michael as our protector and guardian. God can never go wrong in making choices.

Therefore, we must believe that our Guardian Angel Michael is our only protector and that believing in Him is the right thing to do. We do have problems in life, and every problem comes with a solution.

The solution to your problems is this angel. He is your helper, your friend, your partner in a time of need, and your guardian. Whenever you feel alone or in need of help, you can always call on Archangel Michael, and in no time help will come to you.

And also you should be aware of the 7 guardian angel signs that may be already all around you, without you notice them.

Believe, Believe and Believe

All it takes for you to do is BELIEVE. BELIEVE in what God chose for your protection and BELIEVE that your prayers for help are being heard by the Guardian Archangel Michael and will be answered in time.

If your prayers are not answered, and help does not arrive on time then do not get demotivated, maybe it is a test from God to see how much you trust His choices.

If you lose trust, then that means that you truly never fully believed in the angel for protection. God does trust his people, so do not let Him down. Keep your faith, and once you have passed your test, help will surely arrive in time for you.

Make prayer

To make strong links, you must make prayer to Him with a pure heart and good intent, by performing an archangel Michael prayer. While making the prayer clear your mind of all other thoughts and solely focus on what you need help with.

Do not ask for how you want the help to come, just ask for help in the area that you need help with. You’ll be surprised when you find out that there were ways that you never thought of which could become a source of help for you.

The Guardian Archangel Michael communicates very clearly, and once your prayers are answered, you will know exactly what to do and when. Your pure heart and pure intent are the keys to your prayers being answered.

A prayer made with the intent to harm another individual will never be answered. In fact, that person might not get a chance to communicate with this angel ever again. Everyone is equal in the Guardian Angel Michael’s eyes.

Start your prayers with the purest of heart that you can have and see how the angel brings help your way!

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