Saints of Protection – Helping throughout your life!

Saint of Protection

It is no wonder that there are mystical and magical powers created by God to help his children find the path to righteousness without having much difficulty like the saint of protection. Let’s explore more about the different saints of protection: Their teachings, their way of life, their connection with the spiritual and the physical world exist even after their eras. 

These can be called upon to have God’s protection. But did you know that the people who lived their lives in the good graces of God are also helping us even though they’re gone?

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St. Christopher, the Saint of Protection

The patron saint of safety and Catholic saint of protection is called upon in various situations to offer protection against harm and any evil lurking around.

For example, the patron saint St. Christopher is famous for the protection that he provides for soldiers and travelers. To protect you from unfortunate circumstances, and to have good luck by your side during your travels, remember St. Christopher.

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Several Saints are watching over you throughout your life! We can learn a lot through these figures: knowledge from their teachings, guidance from their words, and support from their presence.

You can learn how to reach out to these Saints of protection through reciting certain prayers. Praying symbolizes a spiritual connection and a call for assistance. Your Guardian Angel can offer you guidance on this matter!

What does St Christopher protect you from?

You might have seen a figurine of this saint often being displayed on people’s dashboards or hanging by the rear-view mirror.

You can call upon this patron saint by offering a simple prayer that goes:

Saint Christopher, intercede for me,

and make my luck my faith in my Lord

increase every day!

People say that Saint Christopher might protect people from epilepsy, lightning, storms, pestilence, and floods.

Many soldiers and law enforcement departments,  also pay tribute to Saint Christopher by wearing his medal People who have faith have never experienced bad luck during their travels. They rely on this saint.

St. Dominic Savio, the Patron Saint of Protection

These prayers are also there for children. It is often seen that there are troubles for teenagers and kids of all ages. Not that adult life is any less troubling, but kids should be able to rely on God to help themselves. Learn to ask.

Suppose you are a teenager and need help. Not just any kind of help, spiritual, and God’s help. You should remember Saint Dominic Savio, the 15-year old the next time you go to ask for your padre’s advice for who is the patron saint of protection.

St. Michael the Archangel, the Catholic saint of protection

The Catholic saint that is known to every Christian, St. Michael the Archangel Michael was known as the chief captain of God’s armies. The saint has often been symbolized as the bravest; the most courageous champion of faith even his name in Hebrew means, He who is as God.

That makes logical sense to prove another statement that St. Michael always wins since God is with him. Call on him to ask for protection.

St. Michael the Archangel; the Catholic saint of protection for he is triumphant in every battle he has ever fought and wears the armor of glory and valor. Surely, God would listen to his Champion’s intercession. You may find here some more details about  Archangel Michael.

Final Thoughts!

These saints are not just a myth. Countless people from across the world having faith in God also believe in the power of these saints in protecting us from all sorts of evil and bad luck.

These saints work like angels and help you in all your endeavors to overcome any spiritual, mental, or physical problem that might exist.

These saints are not there to be prayed to but asked to intercede on your behalf. These saints have spent their lives in a state of absolute and resolute faith and piety. It is not wrong to consider that their intercession might have an extra effect.

Their power should never be underestimated. Their holy lives have made the world a better place and their sacrifices are not in vain since God doesn’t forget those who don’t forget him.

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