4 Signs of Angelic Guidance – How to Spot them?

4 signs of angels

It is neither a myth nor a doubt in any mind that is pure and devoted to a faith that angel signs exist. There are signs of angels’ presence that can translate into angelic meaning. There are a lot of suspicions and misconceptions about angel signs. Let’s explore in this article the most common 4 Signs of Angels

4 Signs of Angels – Learn more about the Angelic Guidance

A lot of them either go unnoticed because the person receiving the signs of angels is unaware of how to look for them, and how to know their angelic meaning.

Throughout the world, there have been countless scenarios of examples where people described and witnessed signs of presence.

But even if you are a devout believer with an eye for these things, you might be able to tell that there are signs of an angel watching over you.

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How to spot them?

God doesn’t leave us alone in this world. His angels are out there. There is a high chance that you might have an angel watching over you as well. But what are they? How to spot and know what the signs of an angel watching over you are? Simple, here are 4 signs of angels that you should know:


This might seem clichéd but then again, this is religion, and it had existed before the word existed. But white feathers are often considered to be signs from the angels around us. The white feather is one of the most common signs of angels appearing in front of people.

Whether we’re going for a decision or going for a journey, a white feather is one of the signs that tell us that there are angels around us who are protecting us. Let the angels guide you with their magic through your journey of spiritual development.

Numerology and Our Bodies:

Heard of the 666? Well, there are numbers, obviously other than this one, that are signs of angels. 1,4 and 5 are famous numbers regarding angelic signs. These numbers can mean specific hints and guidelines if you can decipher them according to the situation.

Intuition is the key to these hints. It’s the same as our bodies giving off tingling sensations whenever we see signs or angels are nearby. Goosebumps and the cold shivers at the back of the neck are famous examples of how people were being visited by angels, but they couldn’t see it for it to work.

Matter Appearing:

From coins to butterflies and dragonflies, things that are appearing on your journey or during a time you’ve asked God for help could be signs from angels.

These are there to provide you Intel on how you should continue. If you see a specific coin, it could mean that you are good to go with whatever it is you’re after because you’re being helped by God financially, spiritually, physically, and mentally.

But keep in mind that coincidences and angelic meaning can’t be confused. Butterflies signify that beautiful times are just around the corner, so keep going on. You might taste success.

Angelic Presence:

From the skies, God might ask angels to send his children a message using the skies. That could mean that the magical rainbows are not just there because of science.

It could be a sign from an angel watching to let you know that you are in safe hands. Sometimes, you really need to focus on the things happening around you to figure out the messages.

Sometimes it’s constantly being reappeared, and sometimes it is just missed. Those were just 4 signs of angels, in the universe of many others, that we might explore together in a future article.

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