Lauviah, the Strength of Virtue


Lauviah is comparable to the Tree of Life. He is the beginning and the end of all the things that manifest themselves. Let’s find out more about this angel, starting by showing the importance of his seal.


Lauviah is the Guardian Angel of people born between June 11 and June 15.

This angel symbolizes premonition, love, knowledge, and protection.

His perfect Sense of Judgment and his Omniscience also make him the Guide of Scientists, the Protector of the Arts, and the poets’, philosophers’, and musicians’ source of inspiration.

Lauviah, the bearer of Divine Joy, comforts unhappy people, rids them of their sorrow, and appeases the torments that affect their minds.

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The characteristics of this angel

  • Element: AIR
  • Lauviah’s Location in the Zodiac: between the 20th and the 25th degree in the Gemini sphere.
  • Position in the celestial hierarchy: Lauviah is the first of the 8 Angels making up the Throne Choir (also known as “the Braves”) who act under the warm authority of their Regent: Zaphkiel. Zaphkiel (also called “the Beholder of God”) is the Archangel that represents ingenuity.
  • Seal: focusing on Lauviah’s Seal when you invoke him to ask for his Help will enable you to gain access to Knowledge, Strength, Serenity and the intelligence of hidden things.
  • Lauviah’s influence: the REVELATION

What are his fields of action?

  • Intuition
  • Inspiration
  • Understanding
  • Inner power
  • Spiritual Ascent

Angel Lauviah – Why invoke him?

Invoking Lauviah makes it possible to:

  • Get restorative sleep
  • Have prophetic dreams
  • Discover higher worlds
  • Overcome obstacles
  • Be calm, attain inner peace
  • Have the ability to make the right choices
  • Achieve spiritual elevation
  • Experience transcendent Love
  • Erase a feeling of guilt

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