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archangel azrael

Of all the Archangels, it is archangel Azrael who is most often misunderstood. As with all beings of this caliber, the name of this angel also serves as a title. ‘Azrael’ translates as meaning “whom God helps” or “the Angel of God”, but he is also referred to as the ‘Angel of Death’ or ‘The Angel of Destruction and Renewal’.

But what is the role of Archangel Azrael? We’re going to explore the true purpose of Azrael. We’ll consider why his role is often misunderstood, especially concerning death, and why there’s no need to fear this angel. Along the way, we’ll explore the different aspects of Azrael’s role in keeping the universe in motion.

Including how he aids us on an individual level, as well as why his job is vital for maintaining peace and harmony throughout all dimensions.  Angel Azrael also assists people who have lost their loved ones over the grief and pain that they are suffering.

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Archangel Azrael: The Angel of Death

We find that Azrael appears in many different forms across a variety of cultures. As the Angel of Death, one of his roles is to help guide souls from the physical world to the spiritual world.

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Some know this being as the Grim Reaper, but you also find his role being performed by Anubis, the jackal-headed God of the Ancient Egyptians. Anubis would lead the souls of the dead from the physical world to their final judgment: the weighing of the heart.

We often imagine an angel of death or the grim reaper as being somehow responsible for the death, as if their presence alone causes death to occur. Even though death isn’t the end, we often fear it. But we should find comfort in the fact that Azrael will be there to guide us.

Without Azrael, souls would become lost in the void between life and death. There is a reason that God tasked Azrael with such a vital function, so let’s explore that.

Counselor in Life and Death

Even though many people fear Azrael’s function as the angel of death, he is a gentle soul and is often described as being a counselor for all aspects of life. Death is scary because it’s something that we only truly experience once and so it’s impossible to be prepared.

Azrael is the ferryman, the guide, and the protector. He takes our hand at the moment between life and death and leads us to the great beyond. He visits those who are dying, which is why his appearance is often associated with death, as in some cases it can indicate that life is about to come to an end.

To those he visits, he is a comforting presence. He assures them that there’s no reason to be afraid, and he prepares them for the journey that lies ahead. But Azrael can appear in many forms, and sometimes he doesn’t appear in any form at all, but merely as words, numbers, thoughts, or symbols.

This Archangel is also a counselor for those who have lost loved ones. Grief is a powerful emotion, and it can often cloud our judgment and hinder our spiritual journey. Losing someone you care about can lead to sadness, irrational thoughts/actions, and even depression.

People pray to Azrael or invoke his energy when the crushing weight of a loved one’s death becomes too much. As an Archangel, it isn’t Azrael’s job to simply snap his fingers and make you feel better though.

Instead, Azrael will help guide you to a place of understanding. He will change your perspective by demonstrating that death is just another chapter of life and that leaving this physical realm isn’t the end.

Understanding Grief

As we already discussed, Archangel Azrael helps the dead and the dying, but he also helps the living. One of the primary ways he helps the living is by guiding them through the stages of grief that they will often experience after losing a loved one.

However, you can also experience loss when someone leaves you for another reason, such as the break-up of a relationship or when a friend or family member relocates.

The 7 Stages of Grief

Stage 1: Shock

When you’re first given the news that you’re losing or have lost someone close to you, a sense of shock will take hold. This often manifests itself as feelings of helplessness or even paralysis.

Stage 2: Denial

The second stage is a natural defense mechanism. It’s normal to deny that you’re losing anyone. You may convince yourself that they’ll still be in your life, or that it’s all a bad prank.

Sadly though, you’ll slowly begin to accept the reality of the situation, but this can lead to anger.

Stage 3: Anger

Difficulty to fully accept the situation often leads to anger. The anger can manifest itself as anger towards others e.g. blaming somebody else for the loss of your loved one.

Sometimes, you’ll experience anger towards yourself, perhaps remembering times you weren’t there for the loved one. It’s also natural to blame the person you’ve lost. The anger stage is difficult, but it does pass.

Stage 4: Bargaining

During this stage, you’ll try to find a solution to the situation. You’ll offer anything and everything just to bring back your lost loved one. When that doesn’t work, the weight of reality may begin to weigh on you.

Stage 5: Depression

This is the moment where the situation becomes fully realized. You start to accept that your loved one is gone. That realization makes you sad, and possibly even depressed.

Stage 6: Testing

This stage marks the first steps towards recovery. You begin to look for a way to bring yourself out of grief.

Stage 7: Acceptance

Finally, you begin to look for a way to move on. Moving on doesn’t mean you forget the person. It just means that their loss no longer holds a negative sway over your life.

Monitoring the Flow of the Universe

So far, we’ve discussed some of the functions that Azrael serves within this universe. These are the aspects that humanity is capable of understanding, but he also maintains aspects of reality that go beyond what our minds can handle.

Azrael is responsible for the balance of life. He monitors all new life that enters the physical realm through being born, but he also pays attention to each life that passed beyond this realm through death.

While it is true that Azrael guides souls from life to death, and therefore from the physical world to the spiritual world, he is also responsible for guiding souls back to life when it’s not their time.

This happens when somebody has a ‘Near Death Experience’ or ‘NDE’. If somebody technically dies but is brought back to life, they will have been guided by Azrael to avoid their soul becoming lost in the void, or from trying to pass over to the spiritual world too early.

Azrael also guides souls back to life when a spiritual journey has not yet reached its destination. The entirety of life is made up of multiple lifetimes.

So, when a soul’s mission is not yet complete, it will leave a dead body and return to Earth within the body of a newborn, often with no memory of their previous lives or their meeting with Archangel Azrael.

There’s No Need to be Afraid of Archangel Azrael

Although Azrael is the Angel of Death and often appears as we are about to cross over from this life to the next (or possibly beyond), there’s no reason to fear this angel.

Azrael is no different from any other angel or Archangel:

  • He only wishes to offer you guidance, support, and comfort as you take a major step in your soul journey.

Unless you call for him or ask for guidance on a matter related to death, you won’t see Archangel Azrael before your time to cross over into the spirit world. When this time comes, you won’t fear this angel, you’ll welcome his appearance, greeting him like an old friend or family member.

If you do find yourself feeling worried or afraid about meeting Azrael, then consider reaching out to him or one of the other Archangels. They will offer guidance and help show you why everything is going to be ok.

Symbols and Signs to Recognize the Presence of Archangel Azrael

Depictions of Archangel Azrael can vary quite drastically, but he’s generally perceived to be a winged man with long, flowing grey hair that sometimes appears blonde in color, and other times white.

As a man, he looks older than many of the other angels, and he tends to wear a white/cream robe. How we see Azrael is only how he appears in the physical dimension, so we may see him as an old man, but that likely relates to his role in the universe.

Azrael is commonly associated with the color white. This is because Azrael uses his white energy for healing. When people visualize the energy of Azrael, it will often appear white or creamy in color. This energy can bring feelings of comfort and reassurance, but also a deep sense of compassion.

Azrael and the Life Review

In the moment of death, Azrael begins a process known as ‘the life review’. As the name suggests, this is where Azrael guides a dying person through their life, from beginning to end.

This allows them to relive all the good moments, but also remember all the lessons they’ve learned and the obstacles they’ve conquered.

For those who have made poor decisions in life, such as being selfish or obsessed with the material, the life review can be an uncomfortable experience that highlights wasted potential.

The life review is supposed to remind a person about their life goal and soul mission, as well as highlight the steps they took towards achieving these objectives.

However, there is a detail about the life review that many people are unaware of: you don’t need to be dead or dying in order to experience it. This is one of the many gifts that Azrael can bestow upon you.

Sadly, you won’t experience the review in quite the same way as a dying person would. Instead, Azrael will use your own thoughts to guide you along a journey into the depths of your being.

Here you will encounter your heart’s desires, your life goal, and your soul mission. If this isn’t your first life, you may gain some insight into the progress you made towards your soul mission in previous lives.

You’ll also gain a better understanding of the lessons you learned in previous lives as well. Ultimately, a life review while still alive can help provide focus, intention, and experience. This is often referred to as ascension.

How to Connect with Archangel Azrael

There are two primary ways to connect with Azrael. One is known as invocation, which we’ll explore in a moment. The other method is a little more abstract.

It involves allowing your mind and spirit to travel to a non-physical plane of existence to visit Azrael. This approach requires a great deal of trust in your intuition, as it will guide your journey like a compass.

First, find somewhere comfortable and private to sit down or lie down. Make sure you won’t be disturbed and put your phone on silent. If you have candles or crystals that help with spiritual practices, feel free to use them.

As you begin to take slow, deep breaths, feel the breath filling up every part of your body. As you begin to relax and your mind begins to wander, focus on your intention: “I wish to contact Archangel Azrael.”

Visualize yourself walking along a stone path. You feel happy, comfortable, and at ease. Can you hear any sounds? Can you see the magnificent garden that surrounds you? Try to pay attention to the details of this world.

Notice that the path is built from white quartz. Each step you take seems to cause energy to flow from the stones and into your feet, traveling up through your body. Feel the buzz of energy as it surrounds and fills you.

Enjoy the sensation of this white energy and begin to notice a bridge in the distance. As you near it, you see that it’s an old-looking stone bridge made of the same material as the path.

However, you can’t cross the bridge as there’s a wall of light. This wall of light is Azrael, and he is ready to listen.

Invoking and Praying to Archangel Azrael

Invoking the power of this Archangel can be beneficial if you’ve lost a loved one, fear losing a loved one, or hold any negative views about death.

Azrael is here to provide comfort and support, while also helping you to progress further along your spiritual path. We’re now going to explore an incredibly simple invocation that can be used when you need to reach out to Azrael:

I call upon you, Azrael.

Please gift me with your

comforting energy,

so that I may better understand

the passing of my loved one!

You can also pray to Archangel Azrael. You may choose to use prayer instead of an invocation if you have a lot to say/ask.

Prayer allows us to let our thoughts and feelings run free, while we tend to keep invocations short so that we may use them quickly in times of desperate need.

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