Here’s Why You May Be Seeing Angel Symbols!

Angel Symbols

It’s pretty common to hear people asking about angel signs. While there are always angels around us, they don’t always let their presence be known. In this article, we’ll spend less time looking at the angel symbols themselves (although we’ll certainly cover the basics) and a little more time looking at ‘why’ you may be seeing these angelic symbols.

We’ll explore the angel meaning behind some of the symbols and why this may correspond to the reason you’re witnessing/experiencing it. As always, we’ll start with the basics.

The Basics

Your first question may be asking is what are angelic symbols? In simple terms, angels need a way of contacting certain people. More importantly, they need the correct way to contact an individual.

Nothing is stopping an angel from appearing in a vision or sending a crystal-clear message…but one of the reasons this is rarely the case is spiritual and personal growth.

If you were spoon-fed every message from an angel, you wouldn’t need faith, you wouldn’t need to trust your instincts and you wouldn’t need to focus on the question and/or answers.

Angels will often leave us signs of their presence almost like breadcrumbs for us to follow.

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Angel Symbols

You’ll find many angel signs or angel symbols if you look hard enough. Yet without knowing what to look for, you may miss them. We’ll take a moment to explore some of the more common angel symbols.

Angel Numbers

Angel numbers are a very common angel symbol. Each angel number has its own meaning, essentially allowing for a wide range of messages.

This is one prime example of interpretation being essential for understand an angel number. For example, angel number 515 may have one meaning to one person and a different meaning to another.

Visual Signs

There are plenty of visual angel symbols, many of which you’ll probably be aware of: Seeing rainbows, finding feathers, finding coins, or seeing an angel’s cloud. You may be wondering what an angel’s cloud is.

Put simply, they are shapes in the clouds that are used to relay a message from your angels to you. Another common guardian angel symbol comes in the form of flashes, usually corresponding to the color of the angel or Archangel.

Non-visual signs

There is a range of non-visual stimulations you may experience which represent angel signs. These could range from scents (such as familiar scents relating to a person or location) or sensations of being touched.

Many people are aware of their angel’s presence due to the feeling of a warm embrace. These types of signs could also include audible signals such as hearing bells or the flutter of wings.

Why Might You Be Seeing Angel Symbols?

Similar to there being a wide range of angel signs, there is also a wide range of explanations as to why you may be seeing them.

Here we will cover some of the more common reasons but don’t feel concerned or worried if there isn’t a reason that makes sense to you right now.

Angelic Guidance

It goes without saying that your angels may be sending you angel symbols to guide you in a certain direction. Of course, if you’ve asked for guidance then this may seem like a more obvious answer but just because you haven’t doesn’t mean they won’t light the way for you.

Angels are always trying to help us complete our soul’s journey and whenever we stray a little too far from our path, they send angel symbols or angel signs to let us know that this is the case.

If you believe this may relate to your situation, then take some time to question why you may be straying from your correct course.


There are times when we may require healing without even realizing it. Our angels can detect when our energy levels are dipping, when we’re suffering emotionally or physically, and not to mention when our spirituality is being negatively affected.

There are a few ways that this could take place. It could be that your angels are letting you know that you need healing. If this is the case, you’ll have to take care of the healing aspect yourself.

Alternatively, they may be letting you know that they’re about to aid in your healing or that they already have. Remember, you can always reach out to your angels if you’re ever confused by their messages.

Your Spiritual Journey

Another major reason why you may be seeing angel symbols is that you’re reaching a milestone within your spiritual journey. An obvious one would be the beginning of your journey.

This may even be the first time you’ve seen an angel sign. Raising your vibrational energy level opens you up to experience a wider range of spiritual events. You’re able to tune into higher dimensions than before.

Similarly, making progress along your spiritual path will open you up to new experiences and your angels may either be guiding you towards your next step or simply be acknowledging your progress.

Angels around Us

Our angels can tell when we’re feeling a little lost, a little lonely, or even just a little down. To put an end to the helplessness we may be feeling, our angels may send us a sign.

When you see this sign, you can feel comfort in knowing that you are in fact not alone. It’s important to remember that you are loved and your angels will be eager to remind you of that.

Their involvement in your life may vary but they are always there when you need them.

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