The Archangels, the Great Celestial Messengers

archangels celestial messengers

The Archangels are “Extremely luminous” Angels. Their main role is to ensure the celestial principles are perfectly applied in men’s endeavors. They work relentlessly in order to improve the planet’s lot and for humankind’s evolution to take the right direction. 

Thus the need to know better your archangel’s celestial messengers and know your guardian angel name.

What does the word “Archangel” mean?

By looking at the list of the 72 main angels you can find on the web, you could be given your guardian angel name and angel messages. “Archangel” comes from the Greek root “arkhe”, which means “principle”, “first”, “superior” and even “commandment” and from “Angelos“, which means “messenger”.

Thus, Archangels, who are also called the “First Princes“, are both the Heads of Angels and higher Archangels Celestial Messengers. Your Guardian Angel can help guide you towards this level of spiritual growth and knowledge!

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The link between the archangels celestial messengers and the name of your guardian angel

As Heads of the Angels, they are tasked with commanding the Angels. Their mission is to watch over them but also to ensure that their work is properly carried out. In some writings, they are called “Heads of the Celestial Army”.

As Messengers of the divine, they are chosen to announce the greatest events or be the greatest battles (see Michael and Gabriel below) and are able to unveil your guardian angel name.

Who are the main Archangels?

Michael (the one who is alike God) managed to bring down the Dragon; that means he managed to overcome Evil.

Gabriel (God’s Strength) unveiled to the Virgin Mary that she would soon carry the child of the Holy Spirit.

Raphael (Divine healer) cleanses the Earth of the impurities left by the fallen angels.

Uriel (God’s Fire) is the Prophet-Archangel who told Noah a deluge was going to strike the earth.

If you invoke them, there are all able to give you your guardian angel name

Can your Guardian Angel name protect you against a satanic angel?

Yes, there could… even two of them: Tradition has it that Lucifer and Beelzebub were archangels before their fall. It is even said that Lucifer was the brother of the Archangel named Saint Michael.

Calling on the Archangels, you will be inspired by the name best suited to protect you against the satanic archangels usually through angel messages or in your dreams.

Under which circumstances should we call on the Archangels?

Broadly speaking, we will invoke them…

  • To help open ourselves up to knowledge
  • If doubts assail us
  • To develop our capacity for discernment
  • If we are looking for the truth
  • So they accompany us in our greatest endeavors.

… but each of the Archangels has its “own powers”. Depending on your needs, you will have to call on specific Archangels.

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