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Ritual of Powers of the Guardian Angels and to know the names of my Angels

the names of angels

The quest for your own happiness and that of those you love is the very essence of life. Being happy among people who are too is doubtlessly the most beautiful thing there is.

Improve your situation while knowing the names of Angels

Even if things are sometimes complicated and if problems seem to take control, it is still possible to improve your situation. Here is a ritual to receive the influx of the Guardian Angels that gives the strength to rescue those you love who are suffering and helping them to find the name of Angels able to help you.

Put this ritual into practice and uncover the names of the various Angels protecting you!

How to put this ritual of the Guardian Angels into practice?

To perform the Ritual of the powers and of the names of Angels:

  • get hold of an incense stick,
  • carefully light it,
  • hold it between your joined hands,
  • recite the following incantation:

“You, Protective Angels,
By the power of the four elements, I beseech you to hear me.

I am calling upon You,
I beg you to come to the assistance of those I love.
Transmit the names of my Angels and Strength to me,
Grant me the Power to relieve them,
Open the Doors to Happiness for them
and let them know the names of their Angels