Angel Names – The Book of Angels

Angel Names

Angels are beings that belong to the Angelic realm who exist to help, guide, and assist us in our daily lives. They have been bestowed with special abilities and responsibilities by the Divine Himself, which they are bound to fulfill. They include your guardian angels, the archangels, and all sorts of angels that exist. You can learn everything about angel names in the Book of Angels which consists of all details about all sorts of angels that exist.

Who is the Guardian Angel?

Your Guardian Angel is that angel who has been with you since the time you left your mother’s womb, and he is the angel that will stay with you till you breathe your last breath on the Earth.

He is always with you through your thick and thin and helps, guides, and assists you in every stage of your life, regardless of where and who you are with. There is nothing that you can hide from him, even if you want to, as he is always with you.

Whenever you need help, you should pray to him as he is always at your service. Whatever help needed, he will provide you. Trust in him, and you will not be disappointed at any stage of life.

Angel names and types of Angels

There is no doubt that there is a whole hierarchy of angels that exist. There are more angels than numbers that you can count. Each angel has its name and special powers, but you do not need to know all the angel names.

There has been mention of angels in the Bible, and that is where the angel names have been taken; which means that the source is authentic and should not be doubted.

You should only be concerned with angels that can help you. Specifically, you do not need to know of all the angel names. For example, if you are a male, you do not need to know about the Angel of Fertility. On the contrary, for females, knowing the name of that angel will be of great help if you have been having difficulty being fertile as the Angel of Fertility can help you become fertile in the least time possible.

Call Upon the Angels

Prayer is an inevitable part of our lives. That is how we call upon the angels, and that is the only way of communication that we have with the angels.

When we pray and call upon the angels, our prayers are heard, but they are not always accepted. The key to acceptance is a pure heart and mind. Your intention matters a lot when you decide on making a prayer. You need to make sure that the intention with which you are making the prayer is pure and does not cause harm to anyone.

For example, if you are praying to get something at the expense of someone else’s loss, then your prayer will be heard, but not accepted. Also, if you are praying with the intention to harm someone, then your prayer won’t be accepted either. The angels know everything, and that is why ALL PRAYERS ARE HEARD but not all are answered and accepted.

Your Whole Life is Ruled by the Angels

The angels rule your life, did you know that? The Divine gave the angels the responsibility of ruling your life to make sure that everything goes as is planned for you.

Your sole purpose on Earth is to please the Divine, and that is the path that you should be working towards. The Guardian Angel, Archangels, and Angels all work towards helping you achieve that purpose. You do not need to know any angel names to fulfill that purpose but, you need to believe in the angels and always pray to them for help, guidance, and assistance whenever you need it, regardless of the time and place of presence. The angels are always protecting and watching over you; so never feel alone!

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