Freedom message from Archangel Zadkiel

freedom message

Freedom and the meaning associated with it is not how we perceive it. Our perception of what it means to be FREE is far different from the true meaning of the word. Archangel Zadkiel brings the freedom message to us, humans, in ways that we can better understand.

What is freedom and how do we perceive it?

Let’s start with an example… talking about financial freedom, you may think you can purchase anything that you want or anything that you desire. But, do you ever question yourself that buying something you desire, how does make you free?

You may have the freedom to decide how to want to spend your time but, does it make you free? The freedom angels have been allocated to make this puzzle easy for you to solve.

There is nothing wrong with what you believe but, you should know that true freedom is not something that can be GIVEN to you or can be found in objects, things, or people around you.

Your Guardian Angel can help guide you towards this level of spiritual growth and knowledge!

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Freedom message & true freedom

True freedom is what you find inside of yourself. This is the freedom message by archangel Zadkiel. The state of being free comes out when you can fully express yourself as the powerful inner being that you are.

You might have that wise, genius master suppressed for a very long time. But, unless you give him a chance to express himself, you can’t gain true freedom.

When you look within yourself to express the inner divinity, that is what true freedom is. It is the power that resonates with the Divine Light, and that is what your true power is.

All of this is incorporated in the freedom message which is brought to you by the archangel Zadkiel.

Experience the feelings of unconditional love

You have the ability to experience feelings of unconditional love. But, you can’t do that unless you are aware of this fact. Thus, knowing has a great power in life that you need to unlock before getting things done.

When by default you love yourself, you will reach out to others in compassion; and that is what freedom is. It is nothing less than a blessing in disguise from the universe itself.

You have the right to claim your freedom and live the truth that lies within you. Learn to express the suppressed inner wise being, and you will learn to live up to all types of freedom in life.

Your willingness to create

True freedom and the freedom message guide you to create instead of following. It is your willingness to create things that lead you to the path of freedom for yourself.

Some obstacles will obstruct your path of freedom but, what you should know is that you have the ability within you to overcome these obstacles. You are stronger than you know and stronger than you think you are.

However, your egoistic mind is the greatest obstacle that you need to overcome – it is not an easy task to do so.

Know that archangel Zadkiel is always with you, invoke him in time of need and you will be blessed with freedom of life, choice, and being.

Also, you should be aware of the spiritual characters – angels – who are always around you for you to access help, guidance, and assistance anytime, anywhere.

To invoke them, you need to make prayers with good intentions and a pure heart.

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