How to Recognize the Signs of Archangel Barachiel!


Who is Archangel Barachiel? What is Barachiel the angel of? And where is Barachiel in the Bible? There appear to be a growing number of Archangels, and it can be difficult to keep track of them all. Within the Bible, only two are mentioned by name: Michael and Gabriel.

Within the Torah and earlier forms of the Jewish faith, there were seven Archangels mentioned. We even find a similar number mentioned in the Quran. But since the writing of these ancient texts, more Archangels have stepped forward and allowed themselves to be seen by humanity.

 One such Archangel is Barachiel.  These are just some of the questions we will answer as we discuss this Archangel.  

Who is Archangel Barachiel? 

Barachiel is one of the lesser-known Archangels. It’s unclear when he chose to allow his presence to be noticed by humans, but over recent years more and more people have become aware of his power and role on Earth and throughout the spiritual realm.

Unlike many of the other Archangels, such as Gabriel or Michael, Barachiel chooses not to take on a physical form, and so there are no depictions of him. But what is Barachiel the angel of? 

Barachiel is the Archangel of Blessings. If we think of Michael being the strength of God and Gabriel being the messenger of God, Barachiel delivers blessings. He works closely with other Archangels, particularly those who frequently work to raise the spirituality of humanity. 

Barachiel’s role is to ensure that blessings are used correctly. He also bestows blessings upon people when they need it, even if they haven’t prayed for the help of God or angels.  

There are some signs that you can look out for which suggest that Barachiel has influenced your life in some way. This is connected to his role on Earth and his only appearance with ancient texts.  

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Where is Barachiel in the Bible? 

Although Barachiel doesn’t appear in the Bible, Torah, or Quran, he does appear within ancient Jewish texts known as the ‘Sibylline Oracles’. Here, we find a clear association between Barachiel and rose petals, where it is stated that he holds rose branches as a token of blessings from God.

As it happens, rose petals are now associated with the presence and influence of this Archangel here on Earth. Rose petals are often used as symbols of love, and since this angel wishes to bring love into all of our hearts, you can see why these petals, in particular, were chosen. 

Like the other Angels, Archangel Barachiel holds a direct connection to the flow of energy throughout the universe, but his focus is on how it flows in and through us.

 Energy blockages and negative energy can create problems when it comes to our advancement along our spiritual path, and so this Archangel aims to limit the impact of negativity on your journey.

He can’t stop it completely and wouldn’t even if he could. After all, we need challenges and obstacles in life so that we can grow. Without them, we would never be tested and could never learn from our mistakes.  

Rose petals are just one of the ways that this Archangel allows his presence to be known, but there are some other, subtler ways. Some of these signs are simply side effects of his influence.

But being aware of this Archangel and his actions can help us to appreciate his role in this universe even more.  

Signs of his Presence 

We already mentioned rose petals and how they are a primary sign of this angel, but a similar sign exists with other types of plants. Visualize what it would look like if a handful of rose petals were dropped onto you from above.

Think about how they would all fall at different speeds with some being carried around you by the wind. You may even find that they almost encircle you as they glide to the ground. This action can be repeated with many other types of leaf, but also with water or snow.

Much in the same way that you can’t actually see a tornado, but rather the effect of it on the surroundings, you can’t actually see a blessing. But you can see its impact, and this image of falling rose petals is simply a visual representation of the magical and beautiful nature of blessings.  

Barachiel will sometimes use signs connected to rose petals to hint to you that he’s influenced your life in a positive way. For example, you may smell rose petals, feel drawn towards that reddish color, or simply see a rose (either the plant or a picture/symbol of one) as you go about your business.

Something about seeing this sign will feel different as if you can tell in your heart that it’s meant for you.  

Other signs work in a similar way. For example, Barachiel will often create positive change within a person’s emotional state. This won’t lead to rose petals falling around you, but it might lead to something just as powerful: a smile.

Have you ever found yourself smiling for no reason? Sometimes you smile so hard that it actually hurts your cheeks, and this smile can even turn into a laugh. You’ll have no idea why your mood has suddenly changed, but you feel overwhelmed with positivity and joy.  

A Prayer for Archangel Barachiel 

You can always reach out to this Archangel whenever you feel like a blessing would promote healthy spiritual development or can help you along your spiritual journey.

You can also just pray to Barachiel if you wish to thank him for influencing your life in a positive way. If you’ve stayed in a positive mood despite experiencing nothing but negativity, then it’s likely that he has been watching over you.

Here is an example of such a prayer:  

Oh Archangel Barachiel, I reach out to you now in my time of need.

I pray that you bestow your blessings and positive energy upon me,

so that I may return to living my best life.

Allow me to once again see the world through your eyes.

I thank you for all that you do for humanity and I pray that through your help,

we can guide more souls towards the right path. Amen!

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