Archangel Gabriel

archangel gabriel

Known as the angel of revelation, Archangel Gabriel has a very significant role in many religions. Gabriel means “Strong Man of God.” The name itself shows how important an angel is. He is often met in dreams by many people.

Whenever you encounter white or copper light, it is a sign that He was a part of your dream; even though you do not remember seeing Him.

How to work with Archangel Gabriel?

The normal procedure of getting in contact with angels is to invoke them, either by making a prayer or petition. But, to communicate with Archangel Gabriel, the only way you have is to see him in your dreams of receiving any unearthly sign.

He is most helpful with things like career making decisions, problem-solving, figuring out the purpose of your existence, etc. if you are lost about what you want to pursue in life, or what is the purpose that you are still alive… ask for help from this angel.

He will listen to your queries and will respond by helping you out.  Archangel Gabriel is one of the most well-known angels! Remembered as the angel who reached out to Mary before the birth of Jesus Christ, Gabriel is considered to be the angel of communication.

You can reach out to Gabriel for guidance, support, and invoke his powers of communication. Learn to contact Gabriel to improve your spirituality. Your Guardian Angel can teach you how to reach Gabriel!

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How does He respond? 

Quite similar to the other 7 Archangels, the main thing to keep in mind is that He will only respond to your queries when it is the right time to do so. He takes his time to work things out as he is very patient and likes to work with the utmost peace. 

You may not get help within a day or even a month, but you must trust Him, for he will help you. You need to believe in him when you call upon him for help. Sooner or later, help will arrive at the footsteps of your front door. 

When he answers you, the answer may be in parts. If that’s the case, just know that all of the help has not arrived yet. Archangel Gabriel may have found it best for you to get help in bits and pieces.

Therefore, do not get worried if your issue is not resolved right away. Some parts of the story might have been kept for later as it would be better understood in later circumstances.

He is your guiding light, and all you need to do is trust him and let him get the better of you to help you out. Archangel Gabriel is not easy to understand when he delivers messages to you that are encrypted.

Like a code, you need to decode them, and that is not an easy task. So, if you think you are up for a challenge, try it. 

What else should you know? 

The power possessed by this angel is highly influential. But, to better understand it is the hard part; and if you do, you will be greatly benefited. 

If you have no previous experiences of walking on the spiritual path, it’s best suggested that you ground yourself first, before starting to work with Gabriel. 

You might feel light-headed or dizzy during his presence as his presence is such that it will make you feel that way. 

Therefore, if you feel any of the symptoms mentioned above, just ask Him to space out for a while or take a break to absorb his energy; it will make it easier to work with him. 

His way of normally approaching a person is someone else who has a high spiritual tendency. If you need any help and can’t directly communicate with him, he may come in the form of an angel reading a spiritual book you may be reading. 

You may even encounter someone in the physical body, for example, a friend of yours, who has been working with the spiritual world for some time, therefore is prone to it. 

Archangel Gabriel may bring help to you through him as he himself can’t come to you due to your lack of exposure to the spirit world. 

If you see a white or copper light 

When Gabriel is near you, you will witness a white or copper light. It is said that Archangel Gabriel’s electromagnetic energy is associated with the angel ray white light, while he has a copper-colored aura.  White is a color, known globally, as a color of purity.

Wherever there is Gabriel, purity comes along. You will find relief in the white light where He is around you. That sigh of relief you feel after coming home after a long hectic day… that’s exactly how you will find comfort in the electromagnetic energy associated with the white light that corresponds with Archangel Gabriel. 

The significance of the copper traces back to a copper trumpet that is used by Angel Gabriel to deliver his messages.

The use of a trumpet traced to Archangel Gabriel is an indication of how hard it is to understand his messages; as trumpets are not easy to play either. If you find yourself suddenly attracted to copper-made materials, that can also be interpreted as a sign of communication with Archangel Gabriel. 

It all comes down to believing, praying, and hoping to get help in the best manner possible. No matter what happens, He will come to help you out. Yes, it may take time, but all good things take time to reach you. 

Therefore, when you know that a good form of help is on its way, you should be motivated as the outcome would be worth the wait. 

You need to have a good outlook so that you notice the little changes in your surroundings; Gabriel can come to you in any form he wishes to appear in. Thus, keep your eyes wide open and your ears sharp to acknowledge when and how help arrives at your footsteps. 

Roles of Gabriel  

As we’ve already discussed, Gabriel is the Angel of Communication. This is the role we associate him with, and as we’ll see in a moment, this is exactly how he is presented within the Bible.

However, Gabriel is also associated with patience, delivering messages, and time management. About the latter, Gabriel can help guide us through a plan that we’re struggling to form.

He can help us to see the larger picture and lead us away from the darkness towards the light.  Not only is Gabriel associated with communication, but he is also a messenger of God, perhaps more so than any other angel.

This spiritual messenger will often deliver prophecies from God straight to humanity. Those who he visits will walk along deeply spiritual paths, with many playing important roles within God’s plan for the universe.  

We know that Gabriel is a powerful and important angel because, Luke 1:19, states that he stands in the presence of God. This is something that is an impossible task for all those but the most spiritual.

Even religious figures like Moses and Noah didn’t stand before God but rather communicated with him through other means.

 We can learn more about this Archangel from the times he appeared on Earth to relay God’s messages to chosen people. 

Gabriel in the Bible 

The Bible doesn’t directly state that Gabriel is an Archangel. But it leaves no doubt that this is an angel of a high ranking and great importance. 

However, we can tell from some of the language used within the Bible that Archangel Michael is one of many Archangels, with Gabriel being just one.

This is perhaps most notable within the Book of Daniel, which is the first Gabriel appearance that we’re going to discuss.  

Gabriel’s Message to Daniel 

The first time Gabriel appears to Daniel is also the first time he is mentioned in the Bible. After having a vision, Daniel becomes confused about its meaning (Daniel 8:16).

Knowing that Daniel’s role is an important one, Gabriel appears to offer some guidance on his visions and explains their connection to Persia and Greece. It’s Gabriel’s second visit to Daniel that is perhaps most noteworthy.

In Daniel 9:21, Gabriel brings a message about the Son of God, Jesus Christ. Through this prophecy, Gabriel explains to Daniel that Jesus would be born and would go on to become an important spiritual teacher, one who would change the world forever.

Of course, this wouldn’t be for another 500 years or so, long after Daniel’s time. Daniel has encounters with several angels while in the spiritual world.

Although only Michael is mentioned by name, many have interpreted one of the other angels to be Gabriel.

All we know for sure is that Daniel received spiritual guidance in his time of need, which helped draw our attention to the importance of spirituality.  

Gabriel’s Message to Zacharias 

The next notable appearance of Gabriel within the Bible is to a priest named Zacharias. The message spoke of the birth of Zacharias’s son. But Elizabeth, his wife, was barren and unable to have children.

When Gabriel heard this point, he encouraged Zacharias to have faith. He also explained that Zacharias and Elizabeth’s son would be called John the Baptist, and he would play a vital role in connecting the world to God.

Not only that, but he would be the cousin of God’s only son, Jesus Christ, and would help pave the way for his imminent arrival. The path of destiny had been laid out for the chosen to see. All that was left was the arrival of the Messiah!  

Gabriel’s Message to Mary 

Gabriel’s visit to Mary is arguably his most well-known appearance within the Bible. Taking place around 6 months after the conception of John the Baptist, Gabriel arrived in Galilee.

Mary, a virgin who has betrothed to Joseph the carpenter, was the reason why Gabriel appeared on Earth. He delivered a message directly to her from God. She learned that she had been chosen to give birth to the only Son of God.

The conception would happen miraculously. The rest, as we say, is history! 

Gabriel in the Book of Revelation 

There is one final appearance of Gabriel within scripture. Although his name isn’t directly mentioned, it seems likely that given his role as messenger, it was Gabriel who visited the apostle John to deliver the message of Revelation.

This is the moment where God’s plan for humanity would finally be fulfilled, and those who had not followed the way of the light would remain on Earth to suffer at the hands of hell as it rises to the surface.  

Colors, Symbols, and Crystals Associated with Gabriel 

One way to forge a stronger connection to Archangel Gabriel is to make use of his various representations within the physical world. Some examples of these are colors, symbols, and crystals that connect to Gabriel’s energy.  

Most angels are represented by two colors. In the case of Gabriel, his primary colors are white and yellow. For him, yellow can be any color of a yellow shade, from an almost-white yellow to gold or orange-yellow shade.

It shouldn’t be surprising that the crystals we associate with Gabriel include:

As for trumpets, the Bible tells us that there are a few symbols closely tied to Gabriel. There are five signs or symbols that are strongly associated with him: trumpets, lilies, scrolls, and harps.  

Asking Gabriel for Help 

Connecting with any Archangel can seem a little daunting. But you should approach these angels in the same way as any other spiritual guide. These angels are always ready to support you, they just need your permission to assist in your life.  

One of the simplest ways to reach out to an Archangel is through prayer. Here is an example of a simple prayer for Gabriel: 

Dear Archangel Gabriel, I ask for your assistance in helping me communicate.

I know the role that I must play in this world, but I fear that I’m not being understood.

I call upon you now in the hopes that your light will guide me.

I would greatly appreciate any and all help you can provide.

Thank you, Amen!

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