A Guide to Kindred Spirits

Kindred Spirits

Energy, specifically vibrational energy, plays a major role in our compatibility with other people, as is the case with kindred spirits. Energy plays a role in every aspect of this universe. It’s responsible for the warmth we feel in our skin when we stand in the sun, or the positive emotions we feel around certain people.

We often hear the term “kindred spirits” being thrown around, particularly within pop culture and rom-coms, but what is a kindred spirit and how can you tell if you’ve found one of yours?

We’re going to explore the kindred spirit meaning as well as define kindred spirits traits that you’re likely to experience.

What is a Kindred Spirit?

There are several terms that are used within the world of spirituality to describe specific types of relationships: soulmates, soul family, twin flames, and kindred spirits are just a few examples from a long list.

Understanding the difference between these types of relationships can seem a little confusing at first but understanding the kindred spirit meaning doesn’t have to be challenging. Let’s explore the idea in a simple and easy-to-understand way.

Everything alive on Earth (and even beyond the physical world) possesses a vibrational energy level. This reflects our spiritual progression, with lower levels being indicative of a lack of spiritual awareness, and higher levels being the opposite.

Individuals who have dedicated time to traveling along their spiritual path will always possess higher vibrational energy levels than those who ignore or neglect their spirituality.

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This vibrational level does fluctuate depending on the food we eat, where we live, stress, etc., but we typically have a base level.

When two people with the same vibrational energy level meet, you could say that they are at the same point in their spiritual progression, and these people would be described as kindred spirits.

What does this mean?

Before we can define kindred spirit traits, we have to fully understand the kindred spirit’s meaning. We know that it connects to vibrational energy levels, but what does that actually mean?

When two people share this sort of connection, they understand the world in a similar manner. Imagine that you’re in a class or reading a magazine and there’s a challenging problem that everyone is trying to solve.

In the end, only you and one other person can understand the problem and therefore its solution. Would you feel a sense of connection towards this person? Of course! So, imagine the same concept but on a much grander scale.

Kindred spirits don’t necessarily share the same interests, hold the same beliefs, hobbies, or anything else, but when you both look out into the world, you share the same level of understanding regarding your place in it.

These types of connections can be meaningful, and certainly enjoyable, but they don’t necessarily extend beyond that.  Spirits of this type could become friends, lovers, or could be connected through blood, or you might have one meaningful encounter with them and never see them again.

It’s also important to realize those soul connections of a kindred nature aren’t here to guide you in the same way as soulmates or soul family.

It’s possible that your combined view of the world will help nudge you both in a particular direction, but it’s unlikely that you’ll learn any major lessons from one another.

Common Traits of Kindred Spirits

Keep in mind that these traits won’t apply to every kindred soul connection. You have to trust your intuition, for the most part, but you can use this list of traits as a guide for common signs.

Don’t be disheartened if you only share a few of the traits with your potential kindred spirit. If the connection feels kindred in nature, then trust your gut.

You Hold Similar Principles

As we already discussed, kindred spirits won’t necessarily share the same beliefs or political views as each other. However, there are key topics that you’re likely to agree with. These relate to your core principles or values, and they are a key part of your soul’s nature.

You’re unlikely to have widely differing opinions on the soul or the afterlife. Similarly, you’ll likely share similar views on controversial political topics such as the death penalty or abortion.

Respect for One Another

Following on from the previous point, we have the concept of respect. On topics that you do disagree with, you won’t argue or fall out with this person if they are your kindred soul.

Instead, you’ll respect that you have different life experiences and so are likely to hold different opinions, but you will each respect the overall nature of one another.

There’s also a sense of trust and understanding, which is why you won’t feel the need to argue over minor disagreements.


When you meet a kindred soul, you will feel like you’ve known them for your entire life within just a few minutes. There is often a feeling of déjà vu, and many people struggle to believe that they don’t know the other person.

Many people believe that kindred souls exist across multiple lifetimes, and each time you meet one another, you’re at a higher spiritual level. This provides encouragement and motivation to keep advancing along your spiritual path.

Be Yourself

Kindred spirits don’t feel the need to wear a mask around one another, it’s one of the reasons that you’ll feel so comfortable in their company. You’ll be able to discuss aspects of your life that even your closest friends or family are completely unaware of.

You’ll also find that you’re compatible in interesting ways, and so you’ll often get lost in random, completely hypothetical scenarios.

Sense your Challenges

Kindreds spirits are able to sense an imbalance in the other person’s energy, even when neither person is aware of it. As such, you’ll often find that you offer support to each other without knowing the specifics of the problem.

It could be that a simple phone call or an invite to go for a walk is exactly what the other person needs. This is no mere coincidence.

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