What do Guardian Angels do?

What do Guardian Angels do

A Guardian Angel can be a rather allusive being and so many people find themselves wondering: what do Guardian Angels do? You may even find yourself asking, what is a Guardian Angel?

Popular entertainment media typically warps the truth when it comes to these questions, but understanding the role these heavenly beings play in our lives and the universe is incredibly important. 

As such, we’re going to explore this topic today, answering the question: What do Guardian Angels do? 

What is a Guardian Angel?

We’ll start by exploring a common misconception surrounding these beings before looking at some specific examples of how these angels influence your day-to-day life.

You may find yourself feeling surprised at just how many tasks they’re involved in.  Let’s start with the basics: what is a Guardian Angel? You may be under the impression that these angels are sent by God to protect us from harm.

While this isn’t entirely inaccurate, it’s also not the full truth and it paints these angels as being some form of an individual spiritual bodyguard that we all possess. In truth, these angels are tasked with enacting God’s plan.

They work on the boundary between order and chaos. Order is when God’s plan is happening as it should be, while chaos refers to negative interactions with it, often at the hands of malevolent spirits or characters. And your Angel, your messenger from God can help you.

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When it comes to their role, protecting us from similar threats is one of many items on that list. So, let’s explore that list for ourselves. As we just discussed, protection is one of the roles of a Guardian Angel.

A Guardian Angels protection doesn’t make us immortal or safe from harm, but it does mean that certain threats become less of a risk in our day-to-day lives. For example, these beings will protect us from demons and other spirits that would try to harm us.

Can they protect us from everything? No, unfortunately not, but they certainly help. This role is considered paramount among Catholic Guardian Angels, at least from the perspective of those within that specific faith.

We can invoke the power of certain angels, in certain situations, to provide us with unique protection abilities. This can be particularly useful when we’re entering an environment that is full of negative energy or certain dangers.

The Right Path

What do Guardian Angels do? Well, following on from the previous point, they provide us with another form of protection: protection from ourselves.

As we discussed earlier, the overall purpose of these beings is to abide by God’s plan and to make sure the universe does as well. As such, they must ensure that we don’t wander from our destiny: the path that God laid out for us.

Through doing this, each of the Guardian Angel reinforces God’s commands and will. After all, he wouldn’t send us down a path that violated either of these aspects of his plan.

A Guardian Angel might nudge us back in the right direction whenever we wander or send us a sign to follow. If you ever find yourself reaching a point in life that seems unfamiliar and unpleasant, you may have wandered too far from your path.

The best thing you can do is to reach out to your angels and ask for guidance. You may have missed or ignored signs that they’ve already sent but they won’t leave you stranded without a light to guide you.

High Energy Levels

Being in the presence of any spiritual being can increase our vibrational energy levels, bringing us closer to the realm of God and his servants.

The advantages of this go above and beyond increased spiritual communication abilities. Basking in higher energy allows us to recharge our own positive energy, leading to more positive emotions.

As our emotions become more positive, we become more receptive to the ripples of the universe and our own spirituality. This can lead to increases in certain emotions or states such as compassion, empathy, courage, or joy.

Whenever you feel a random burst of positive energy, your angel may be in your presence.

God’s Love

What do Guardian Angels do? Well, you may have noticed that a major part of their role is as a protector, not just to us but God’s plan and the universe as well.

When they are protecting us, it isn’t just from evil spirits or bad people, it’s also from our own temptations. This is a testament to God’s love for all his creations.

What do Guardian Angels do when someone doesn’t believe? Whether you believe in God, Angels, and spirits, or not is irrelevant.

They don’t only protect believers, they protect everyone as we are all God’s children and simply because some people are shrouded in darkness, doesn’t mean that they deserve less protection or care.

These angels are with us from the moment we are born to the moment we die, and quite often they will be with us when we are born again.

What do Guardian Angels do? – Closer to God

You may be asking yourself: what do Guardian Angels do when they aren’t protecting us from ourselves or spirits? Angels are known for one other main function: being messengers to God.

As such, it is their role to help bring us closer to God. This takes many forms, some of which we have discussed already such as staying on our true path and increasing our vibrational energy levels.

However, these angels also help to relay messages between us and God. We see examples of this throughout every Holy Book and Text throughout the world.

Even religions with different Gods and beliefs still have a version of angels (in some form or another) that works as the intermediary between humanity and its creator.

Many people will pray to angels instead of to God because they wish to seem respectful.

After all, developing a relationship with our angels can lead to major spiritual developments and help us to guide ourselves towards our true path and soul purpose.

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