Angel of Dreams Summoning – Inviting Angels into Your Dreams

angel of dreams

Coming across beings that you have never seen in your life is an ordinary thing to see in your dreams. Sometimes you might wake up and think about who you just saw in your dream. A certain gush of light in your dream reflects the presence of an Angel. They have different methods of communicating with you. Coming into dreams is one of them. However, you can also “invite” them into your dreams. Find out how more about the Angel of Dreams . . . 

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Dreaming of Angels

Angels are spiritual characters that are with you from the day you are born and stay with you until the day you die. Connecting to the spiritual world is not bound by your being awake, it can also take form when you are asleep.

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It is known to be easier and more effective when you are asleep. This is because when you sleep, your mind is quiet and at peace thus, it is easier for the connection between you and the Angels to form.

Noise pollution, various thoughts, and fear are some things that block your mind from being accessed by the Angels to make a connection link.

Also, when you dream, your subconscious mind comes into play, and whatever you see, or experience is not questioned by your mind.

This is the reason why you might feel like being teleported from one place to another or possibly even have feelings of being levitated.

To connect with the angel while you are asleep is one of the most effective ways to get guidance from him to help, guide, and assist you.

Angel of Dreams – How to Invite them in!

There are always ways to get things, and the way for you to invite angels in dreams is by making a prayer before going to sleep to the Angel of Dreams asking him to bless you with his love and light to help, guide, and assist you in your dream.

A small prayer increases the chances of an angel appearing in your dream. Angel dreaming is nothing less than guidance where the Angel of Dreams helps you sort out your life problems by guiding you about the right measures and steps to take care of.

You should imagine yourself surrounded by the light within the presence of angels and your guardian angel.

Then make a small prayer like:

Oh, Angels, I ask for you to bless me

with your love and light as

I fall asleep so that you can

connect with me in my

dream to provide me with guidance.

I ask you to fill my dream

with messages that can guide

me out of the problems in my life.

Thank you for always being

with me to help me in my life.

I seek your help and guidance

once again with hopes

of receiving the light.

After you Wake Up…

As soon as you wake up, your mind will be fresh of any dreams that you saw or whether you saw the Angel of Dreams or not. You need to record or write down whatever you remember of that dream – whether it is a symbol, some words, or images.

This is from a reference point of view so that you can connect it with your life later on.

If you keep repeating this practice of making a prayer before sleeping, you will be seeing Angel Dreaming more often, and thus, the guidance you receive, you will know that it is from an authentic source. The Angels will not let you down!

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