Are you an Angel Messenger?

Angel Messenger

Don’t worry if you’re a little unfamiliar with what an angel messenger is. These individuals have reached an exciting new step in their spiritual development, and their regular communication with angelic beings allows them to become their messengers.

We’re going to explore what angel messengers are, their role, and how you can tell if you are one. Along the way, we’ll consider some of the ‘dos’ and don’ts within this role and cover the difference between an angel messenger of God and messenger angels.

What is an Angel Messenger?

An angel messenger is an important role, but what exactly do they do? Angel messengers are the middle ground between angels and humanity. In a literal sense, they are the messengers of the angels, much in the same way that the angels themselves are the messengers of God.

These people are humans, the same as everyone else, but they’ve spent much of their life growing, developing, and expanding their spirituality, to the point that they can bask in the energy of angels.

Angel messengers are in regular contact with their angels and are always searching for new ways to improve the spirituality of the world.

Sometimes they will be given tasks by their angels to spread positive energy and guidance to all those around them, but other times they will follow their intuition and simply help those who ask for it.

They spread information, advice, and positive words and practices as far around the globe as they can, which has become easier in the modern day.

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An Angel Messengers Role

We must address the terminology as it can sometimes be confusing. Messenger angels are angels that relay messages between God and humanity. The term ‘angel messenger of God’ is a little confusing because it could refer to a human or an angel.

Whereas an angel messenger is only ever a human, and while their messages are ultimately from God, they are handed to humanity via angels and Archangels.

Are you a Messenger?

Anyone can become a guardian angel messenger, and you may already be one and not realize it. If you want to become one or want to know if you are one, these are some of the common signs that indicate your status/role as a messenger.

For starters, you bring support and love to others. This isn’t just limited to family and friends. You’ll offer a helping hand to colleagues, strangers, and even your enemies (if you have any).

People will feel drawn to the positive energy that radiates from you, so you’ll keep your heart and soul open to all those who would seek out your guidance and knowledge.

You find that your spiritual practices inspire others. Friends have asked about :

Or anything else that you might take part in. Even those who are more skeptical will struggle to remain uninterested. People who struggle to connect with their angels or their deeper selves will often reach out to you for help.

A messenger, as the name might suggest, shares messages. You take what your angels tell you and offer that advice and knowledge to the world. Some people write blogs, others start YouTube channels, but you might take a more simplistic approach and just talk to people. Whatever you choose to do, you’ll naturally shine with angelic light and your increased vibrational energy will spread to all those in your presence.

Are You Being Called?

Some people will feel drawn towards this role. They’ll feel a calling towards sharing the messages of angels. As a potential angel messenger, you’ll already feel connected with your angels, and you’ll have had several experiences with the angelic realm. Your intuition will be guiding you towards this calling and you’ll find that it aligns with your heart’s desire.

If you’re still on the fence, take some time to open your heart to the possibility and consult with your angels. You might be at a point in your life where being an angel messenger would benefit you and those around you. Now we can consider the dos and don’ts of being an angel messenger.

The Do’s

As an angel messenger, you aren’t bound by a specific set of rules. The important part of this role is positivity. You should exude kindness, honesty, love, and optimism. You will be patient with anyone who comes to you for advice, and you’ll reflect the true meaning of any message that has been given to you by angels.

It’s also important that you follow the advice of your angels. There will be times where a close friend or family member asks for life advice, and you will feel a certain bias towards a specific direction. Focus on the truth, and let your spirit guide you to the right option, rather than being guided by emotions alone.

The Don’ts

It’s important to realize that as an angel messenger, there are still boundaries. These are perhaps most noticeable within a social context. Just because you have answers, knowledge, and guidance to offer, doesn’t mean that everybody wants to or is ready to hear it. You mustn’t preach at people, as that isn’t your role.

Respect the privacy and space of others, and only offer messages when called upon to do so. Remember that each person is walking down their own path, just as you’re walking down yours.

If you find that somebody appears to be straying from their path, consult your angels and ask for guidance on the matter. Don’t take it upon yourself to steer them back in the right direction, unless they ask for it of course. There are exceptions to this though.

For example, if you’re sharing angelic messages via an online platform or through a book or magazine, then you can expect people to read your advice, even if they aren’t ready to. Such an instance isn’t your fault, and you should still be willing to share your journey via publicly available platforms.

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