How to invoke your Guardian Angel

invoke your Guardian Angel

Invoke your Guardian Angel to help you out!  When doubt is taking over and when no clear decision comes up in our mind, it is always good to consult someone trustworthy. 

In such situations, Whether you have a question to ask him as “ What will my future be?” or you look for money, love, luck or you have to make up your mind for any reason… I will tell you how to invoke him.

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How do I summon my guardian angel?

You should have a clear idea of the question you want to ask. You must be mentally prepared to expect an answer from Him that will enlighten your existence. Formulate it aloud, in a low voice, or, more simply, in your mind, according to the need you’ll feel at that very moment.

Then serenely wait for the answer. During your first attempts to invoke your Guardian Angel, you might fall asleep (which is normal). It is a good sign, do not be alarmed. Only after a few attempts will you be able to benefit from “Clear Vision”.

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Do you know how to invoke the power of your Guardian Angel? Invocation allows you to call upon the power that an angel, Archangel, or Guardian Angel possesses. This power can relate to knowledge, guidance, or the cleansing of negative energy.

You can also use such power to promote healing, and it symbolizes an important spiritual bond. Your Guardian Angel can guide you through the process of invocation!

Manage your Expectations

Many people feel that their invocation has failed, or their Guardian Angel has chosen not to respond, not because either of these things is true, but rather they have expected a magnificent sign to rain down from the heavens.

If your goal is positive… it should be answered promptly! If you wish to find your Protective Angel and know his name, you can try out my first free Reading of the Angels offer.

The invocation may be a powerful method of spiritual communication, but the responses are often rather subtle in nature. It’s also possible that you’re ignoring your intuition.

Sometimes our Guardian Angel will respond in such a subtle way that the sign itself appears as our own thought, and so you have to pay attention to any and all changes taking place within your mind, body, and soul.

Explore each thought that appears and examine each twitch that takes place. Have faith in your intuition and you’ll soon begin to notice even subtler signs.

To invoke your Guardian Angel, you should:

You should ask your question to your Angel.  Like: “What will my future be?” or a “Prayer to get fortune and money?”  Your Guardian Angel will answer you in the manner that He will deem most appropriate in leaving a mark on your mind by sending you the following:

  • an immediate intuition,
  • a vision,
  • or by stepping into your dreams.

In any case, he will answer your question.

Meet your guardian angel

Before connecting and communicating with your angel, make sure you know who he is and what his special powers are.

Now, if you are trying to get in touch with a very particular angel, associated with a very specific request, take the time to learn a little more about that angel, do not force and do not rush to formulate your request so that you are not surprised by the possible response to your desire.

After expressing your desire, you will only have to pay attention to the world around you and look for the slightest sign and understand it as a possible way of contacting the angel who can help you.

Watch out and pay attention to the names and symbols that can often cross your path.

For example, it may happen that the name Michael appears more often and appears, whether in the headline of the newspaper several times or in a friend’s reference, so your guardian angel may be Michael.

You can also choose a specific angel to contact based on that angel’s associations and field of influence.

Therefore, Rafael is associated with healing and protection for travelers, so you may want to contact him if you are facing an illness or if you are planning a trip.

Walk with your guardian angel

Another great way to communicate and invoke your guardian angel is to establish a close relationship with him. The simplest way is to include it in your daily activities. Take the initiative and gain the routine of walking and walking a little and whenever possible.

You can start a monologue while walking and allow your mind to open and be receptive to what the angels may have to convey to you, be it sequences or repetitions or by friends.

Keep an eye on the world around you and observe the signs and synchronicities of your presence while walking, in various forms, such as coins, feathers, sounds, domestic and wild animals whose behavior may be unusual or even strange to you, given the nature of that animal.

How to carry out a meditative walk

Then close your eyes and empty your mind. Your hands and your feet should not be touching each other. Just let go, completely.

After a while (which will become shorter every time you practice), you will feel your body becoming lighter. This only comes with practice.


Meditation is also a good way to connect with your guardian angel. Breathe deeply and clear your mind. Take this example: use a candle as a reference and light a candle and close your eyes.

Notice the mysterious shape that the flame dances for you in a closed and draft-free environment. Try not to think about anything, keeping an empty spirit, not even your guardian angel, for a few minutes.

Focus on keeping your breathing steady and slow. If you notice that you have started thinking about something, take a moment to recognize the thought, and then focus on your breathing.

Write letters to your angel

Just by writing letters to your guardian angel about particular situations so dear to you and the feelings associated with them, you help to make your desire about that topic, circumstance, or problem clearer.

The clearer this position is for you, the more specific you can be when asking for help. On the other hand, you will only be doing something that is very common to us, writing what goes on in your soul.

Who has never had a diary and write their hopes, wishes, and thoughts. One thing you should do will be right after an experience with your guardian angel, will be to record all your experiences, writing them down in detail in your diary.

Write down everything experienced in these experiences as you may, at a later time, have a message in these words that can help you in your daily life, thus possessing a small guide of angelic wisdom shared with you by the angelic forces.

How to invoke your Guardian Angel

  • Quietly lie down on your bed
  • Close your eyes and empty your mind.
  • Your hands and your feet should not be touching each other.
  • Sit in a position that is comfortable
  • Just let go, completely
  • After a while (which will become shorter every time you practice), you will feel your body becoming lighter. This only comes with practice.
  • Greet your angel: Hello!

Utter the following Invocation and listen for your angel’s reply:

I am invoking you, 

my Guardian Angel.

You who help me govern

my life properly,

You, my Angel,

I thank you sincerely.

Through the power

of the Four Elements,

Fire, Water, Air and Earth,

receive my Plea!

Invoke your Guardian Angel and be patient

If you do not receive the answer straight away, which means you should enhance the way you practice the invocation. There is no need to worry, do it again the next day. The effort and attention put into the practice will guarantee your success in the best manner possible.

There is only one instance in which an Angel will not answer your question: a negative question, aimed at harming others will not be answered. But, coming to me proves that you have a pure soul and questions like, for instance, “What will my future be? ” or a prayer for money.

If your goal is positive… it should be answered promptly! If you wish to find your Protective Angel and know his name, you can try out my first free Reading of the Angels offer.

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