Archangel Muriel

archangel muriel

We all have angels in our surroundings to help, guide, protect, and assist us in our everyday lives. Every angel has special abilities to do certain tasks which have been gifted to them by the Divine himself. Archangel Muriel is one such archangel who has the gift of blessing your life with peace.

Who is the Angel Muriel?

Muriel means “Perfume of God.” This is a female archangel who brings peace and harmony to one’s life. She is responsible for carrying around the message of peace and harmony to people on the Earth.

Her angelic responsibilities also include tending the plants and animals on this Earth. Depicted with a crown made of flowers, it is known that when she is in your presence, you will smell the scent of your favorite flower.

When this happens, it will confirm that Archangel Muriel is somewhere near you.

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To get the help, guidance, or assistance of an angel at any time in life, you need to invoke them so that they can help you out. The way to invoke an angel is by making a prayer. It might sound easy, but you need to be very careful while making your prayer.

You need to ensure that the prayer you are making is made with a good intention and pure heart. If you are making the prayer with the intention of causing harm to someone else or, if what you are asking for in the prayer leads someone to be at a loss, then your prayer will not be accepted.

Thus, be very careful about what you pray. The angels know everything; nothing is hidden from them. To invoke Archangel Muriel, you need to be holding some flowers, facing South, and softly calling out Angel Muriel’s name repeatedly.

Once you feel her presence, ask her for guidance and assistance. It might happen that you might be asked to help someone else, so do not be surprised.

Since she is the Angel of Peace, maybe your peace is connected with someone else. So, when you help someone else, you will feel peace in your life.

If you want to change your life profoundly, you should commit to random acts of kindness and honor the beauty of life at every stage in life.

How Can Archangel Muriel Help You?

Muriel Angel has the abilities to:

  • Help you find your peace of mind
  • Heal your pets
  • Grow your garden into a beautiful lawn
  • Teach you to love with an open heart

All of these things that the Archangel Muriel can help you with, bring you peace and harmony in your life. Muriel helps all the people who call upon her for help.

By surrounding you with her love, light, and healing powers, she will help you understand your emotional energies.

She can awaken your psychic feelings so that you can learn to trust where your heart takes you. The intuitive guidance of your soul is to be learned with the help of Angel Muriel.

When you call upon Muriel, your inner humanitarian self will start to emerge. Do not be surprised if that happens as that is what the Angel is best at.

Trust Angel Muriel, and you will not be disappointed with the results.

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