Angel of Fertility Gabriel – Help she provides during Pregnancy

angel of fertility

When it comes to bearing a child, or pregnancy, the perfect angel to call upon his angel Gabriel. She is known as the angel of fertility. She has many ways in which she can help you with your pregnancy queries, or anything related to bearing a child.

 It is this pregnancy angel who brings the news of the pregnancy to a soon-to-be mother.  Having the joy of bearing a child is not like any normal thing. Thus Gabriel brings this good news to the parents of the child who is to come into this world.

There are 4 ways in which angel Gabriel can help you with pregnancy.

Archangel Gabriel can help you with pregnancy

When a woman is pregnant, she needs to know about it so that she can take extra care of herself and all other factors that affect her and the baby. Let’s suppose a woman gets pregnant, but she is not aware of it.

She would be careless and possibly lose the joy of becoming a mother. It is therefore very important for women to know when they are pregnant, and this good news is brought to them by this angel.

The Archangel Gabriel represents the Angel of Fertility! You can learn to understand the role of all the Archangels and through this gain a better understanding of the meaning of the universe, and your role in it.

Gabriel works closely with those trying to create offspring, as well as those currently expecting. She offers guidance and support from beginning to end. Learn more about Gabriel through your Guardian Angel!

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What is the Archangel Gabriel known for?

Among others, the Angel Gabriel gives all announcements of births. For example, when the angel of fertility approached Zechariah and told him that he was going to have a son soon, he did not believe it.

Neither did the people because his wife, as people thought, had crossed the childbearing age. However, as the angel of fertility had announced, John the Baptist came to this world.

Just like that, when Gabriel told Mary that she was going to have a son, no one believed him as Mary was a virgin. But yet again, she gave birth to Jesus.

4 Ways Archangel Gabriel can help you with pregnancy

In the Guardian Angels world,  Archangel Gabriel is also the angel of water, let’s check how he can help:

Dream Visitations

Dreams are one of the most common ways to get revelations from the angels. Even guidance is sometimes given in the form of dream visitations. However, here angel of fertility – Gabriel sometimes comes into the dreams of potential mothers who are not aware of what is to come.

He comes in dreams and reveals to the women about their current pregnancy or future pregnancy. Either way, he spreads joy into the lives of the mother, the father, and their extended families.

Generally, dreams fade away, and you do not remember them. However, dream visitations never fade away and occasionally are remembered for years to come. This angel has been announcing pregnancies now for thousands of years and will continue to do so.

Help during labor

Whether you know it or not, labor is a very pain wrecking procedure. The amount of pain that the mother has to endure in delivering the pain is unbearable, but she still does.

Going into labor is frightening but inevitable at the same time. Thus, before going into labor, you can always call upon a pregnancy angel, and she will assist you in a smooth delivery and a healthy child.

Overcoming infertility

Infertility is something no woman wants. The joy that comes from giving birth to a child is something that can’t be enjoyed by any other thing.

For parents who have been searching to have a child, but have failed can always call upon the pregnancy angel for assistance. Make a prayer with a pure heart and intent.

Make it very clear to the angel what you want and your feelings about having a child. Do not direct her as to how and what to do, whatever she will do, will be the best in your fate.

Overcoming fertility issues gets easier with the help of angel Gabriel – the angel of fertility. Fill your life with joy and children by just making prayers!

Angel Lailah

Angel Lailah is known as the angel of childbirth/conception. He is responsible for the caretaking of the spirits from the spiritual world to the pace of their birth. Thus, he is the angel who guards all the souls before they enter into a physical form.

Lailah’s angel of conception is the one who decides the fate of the child; whether he/she will be rich or poor; foolish, or wise.

Thus, if you are bearing a child and you want it to come into this world in a healthy form, angel Lailah is the one you should be looking forward to for assistance.

Prayers have great power to change things in your life. Being the easiest way to get what you want, you should always make prayer to Lailah Angel of conception when it comes to bearing a child.

Guardian Angel Prayer for Baby with the angel of fertility

The power of prayers can’t be outmatched with anything else. Every situation has its prayer, and you can tune it into your words as you like.

The guardian angel prayer for baby is as follows:

Oh, Angel Lailah, I have waited long enough to have a child of my own

so that my life will fill with joy and happiness.

Oh, Angel Lailah, I ask you to bless me with a child.

I promise to love, protect, and nurture it will all that I have got.

Oh, Angel Lailah, I know you will help me by answering my prayer,

so I thank you in advance for the happiness that you are about to fill my life.

Perfect prayer does not exist, but prayer is done with all your heart and good intent will have the power to be answered first.

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