Archangel Raguel: An angel of justice


This Angel is considered an angel of orderliness, harmony, fairness, and most importantly justice. There is another dimension to Raguel angel’s line of work. He makes sure that those who nullify God’s will are taken under judgment for the deliverance of justice.

We as humans are pruned to overshadow others when it comes to justice. The people in this world lack the ability to justify their deeds because their version of right and wrong is misconstrued. Therefore, the world needs order, fairness, and justice.

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Angel of Justice

Relationships are part of the human experience. They require love and nurturing with time to grow. However, amidst the complications of life, we develop misunderstandings and arguments.

These little things in life can make us lose someone very dear to our hearts. It is also known for healing arguments and settling misunderstandings.

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Raguel brings harmony to the situations. Therefore, blossoms your existing relationships to a new level. Raguel is known as an archangel of justice because he makes sure that justice is being served to the people.

In this world, there is one major crime, and all other crimes are derived from it. That one major crime is stealing. When someone kills another person, he steals someone’s right to live.

When someone mistreats the other, he steals away the other person’s right to be treated well.

Bringing order to the spiritual convictions

Justice is required for this particular crime. Raguel makes sure that justice is served by helping others to overcome mistreatment and establish the respect they deserve.

If the oppressed are under stress, Raguel makes sure the stressful problems are solved in mutually beneficial ways. When the world plunges into chaos, the angel of justice brings order out of it so that people remain loyal to their spiritual convictions.

Its philosophy is to get the best out of people by directing their anger at injustice in constructive ways. This not only gives them the motivation to fight and overcome all the evil with good.

Another way Raguel angel serves justice is by empowering people to solve problems on a personal level. This mistreatment from personal issues needs to be sentenced, and the archangel of justice empowers them.

His major concern is to fight injustice at a wider level and to motivate people to fight against crimes, abuse, and poverty.


It is one of those seven archangels. His work is an official canon of the scripture. Some of the text reveals that it is also responsible for maintaining order in the angels.

He judges the ones who rebel against God. In simple words, another aspect of Raguel tries to make sure all the angels are on their best behavior.

Symbol of Raguel

Raguel’s job is to fight injustice in this world so that the good can triumph over the evil. Therefore, the archangel of justice is often depicted holding a judge’s gavel which symbolizes his work in fighting injustice.


The archangels are associated with different energy colors. Archangel Raguel is associated with Pale blue or White.  Raguel leads the angels whose energy corresponds directly to pale blue or white light rays; his aura is a mixture of both.

The staunch believers in the angel of justice pale blue color as a sign of Raguel’s presence.

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