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Archangel of Abundance and Prosperity

Archangel of Abundance

As a child of God, it is your divine right to receive abundance at every stage of your life. God and the Angels want you to be prosperous therefore, we all have an Archangel of abundance and prosperity.

Their job is to listen to you when you invoke them and help you find solutions to issues in life or to grant what you have asked them for; as long as your prayers are genuine.

There are many Archangels of prosperity and abundance, which you can invoke. Each of them is unique and special in its nature.  To experience abundance is to feel an overflowing fullness of what you need and desire.

It may be in the form of love, relationships, work, and of course, financial abundance.

Get ready to invoke an Archangel of abundance and prosperity into your life to receive all the gifts and guidance from him. Are you ready to receive and enjoy it?

Archangels that help you increase your abundance and prosperity – Archangel Raziel

Certain Archangels have the pleasure of assisting you in ways so you can experience more prosperity and abundance in your life.

The name of Archangel Raziel means “Secret of God.” Mysterious as it sounds, Raziel is the Archangel that helps manifest abundance and prosperity; the Archangel of abundance and prosperity.

It is believed that Raziel stands at God’s throne and records everything God says. We should all understand how to increase prosperity and abundance!

Invoking the power of Archangels and sayings prayers for abundance symbolizes important steps along your spiritual path as it represents your ability to learn and grow.

As you learn to trust in your abilities, you will begin to understand the meaning behind more aspects of your journey.

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How do you ask the angels for help financially?

It is known that Raziel wrote all of his recordings in the book known as “The Book of Angel Raziel.” He knows all the mysteries of this universe thus if you invoke him He will use his divine magic to help you manifest abundance and prosperity.

Prayer to invoke Angel Raziel:

Raziel the gifts of the universe are in your hands, so please help me fulfill my wishes to increase the amount of prosperity and abundance in my life.

Equip me with tools to manifest abundance and prosperity in my life and allow me to receive gifts of your divine magic so that the number of miracles in my life also increases to a number greater than it is now.

Archangel Gadiel

The name of this Angel means “God is my wealth.” He is known as the holiest of all the other Angels and is known to have great powers. To make use of His powers, keep repeating His name over a period and He will come to assist you in whatever you need assistance in.

Prayer to invoke Angel Gadiel:

Gadiel, Gadiel, Gadiel, I need your assistance in my life right now. Any unconscious or conscious obstruction in my brain that exists, please free me from it so I can gain the maximum abundance and prosperity from life.

I need your help, as I am worthy to deserve the best in life. Clarify me and show me the path that leads to abundance and prosperity, so I know which way to walk on. I do not want to go astray, help me.

Archangel Pathiel

Pathiel’s name means “The Opener”. If you want to open your gates to the manifestation of abundance and prosperity, He is the one to call upon. Also known to be one of the Archangels of abundance and prosperity.

If you wish or desire something, invoke Angel Pathiel. Let all your desires be known to Him and surrender your thoughts over. Once your prayer is heard, He will answer.

Prayer to invoke Angel Pathiel:

Pathiel, my wishes have been surrendered to you by this prayer. I know you have the power to manifest abundance and prosperity.

I ask you to assist and guide me to open my fortune in a way that everything can easily flow into my life; especially abundance and prosperity. I put my trust in you by making this prayer, and I know that my prayer will be answered.

Archangel Barakiel

Barakiel is an ancient Angel whose name means, “God’s Blessing.” Being the Angel of good fortune, He will assist in opening your heart in ways that abundance will get attracted to you and you only.

He is also referred to as one of the Archangels of abundance. He will always encourage you to keep expecting abundance in your life once you have invoked Him.

Prayer to invoke Angel Barakiel:

Barakiel, I make this prayer with the intent that you can open my heart so I can be prone to receive the good fortune that I deserve. I want to invite the gifts of abundance and prosperity in my life, and for this, I seek your help guidance.

Please guide me and lead me to a path where I can stay positive and can draw all the positivity into my life like a magnet attracting metals. I want to fulfill my desires, and I look upon you for help.

Archangel Gamaliel

Gamaliel means “Recompense of God.” Known to be one of the most generous Angels, he is a gracious gift giver. If you want to create your Heaven on Earth, he is your Archangel of abundance and prosperity to invoke.

He can serve you to create money, joy, and happiness. His sources are so vast that you could never have thought that you could find abundance in such places.

Prayer to invoke Angel Gamaliel:

Gamaliel, being the gracious gift giver, I make this prayer to you to ask you for help to fulfill my wishes. You have the power of performing miracles and making my dreams and wishes would come true.

I put my trust in you so that you can make this happen. I am fully open and truthful to you by placing my intent and desires in front of you. Thank you, Gamaliel, for being so gracious.

Understanding  the Archangel of abundance

Abundance is not just about having money and wealth. It is about having love, happiness, good health, and good relationships too; and all the other things that are necessary for us to survive.

The Angels know that the biggest obstruction to receiving abundance is when you feel unworthy to get something. If this is what you think, ask an Archangel of abundance to open your heart so you can resolve this issue.

Another issue with receiving abundance is that you have received so much that you have started becoming selfish about it. In reality, when you have enough of a thing you should share it with others and not be selfish about it.

When you have learned to accept it for yourself, you should teach others to receive it for themselves as well; that is how an Archangel of abundance and prosperity will be pleased with you.

How do I ask Archangel Chamuel for help?

Yes, there are also Angels of wealth who bring you financial assistance. These Angels of wealth bless you with Angel’s money, which is to be used in good places.

These Angels of wealth are also the Archangels of prosperity and abundance. They can be invoked by prayers made depending on what you wish to call them upon.

Archangel Chamuel is a good example.

You can use the following prayer to receive abundance:

Dearest angels, open my heart and help me heal and recognize that I am worthy and deserving of receiving God’s gifts of abundance into my life.

Help me remember there is more than enough and it is my divine birthright to experience abundance in all ways: love, joy, happiness, health, wealth, and fulfillment.

An Archangel of abundance and prosperity knows that everyone deserves the gifts of abundance, so let him get to you so you can receive their gifts of abundance.

Meditation is a great and effective way to reach out to your Archangel of abundance and prosperity.

Process to meditate

Find a quiet and peaceful place to sit where no one can disturb you while you are meditating. You have the option of playing soft-toned music in the background if you desire.

Write the prayers you want to make to your Archangel of abundance and prosperity and share them. Take deep breaths and set your mind free.

Empty your mind of everything that you had previously been thinking of, and everything that you saw or thought of before closing your eyes.

Take deep breaths and do not let any thoughts get the better of you.

Calling the Archangel for help

Call an Archangel of abundance and prosperity and ask him to create a beautiful circle of sacred light around you.

Now, embrace the divine light that descends upon you and starts thinking that you have received what you had asked the Archangels of prosperity and abundance for.

Imagine as if you are in your Heaven placed on Earth and breathe into the abundance of light that surrounds you.

Now that you have started thinking that you got all that you asked an Archangels of abundance and prosperity for, what are you going to do?

What are your actions as your desires have been fulfilled for you? How do you feel? What kind of thoughts occupy your mind?

Breathe slowly and deeply. How do you enjoy your life in this sacred circle?

Let it all in, and feel every moment you experience. Now, ask an Archangel of abundance and prosperity to fulfill ALL your desires.

Think of yourself standing in the center of the sacred circle where you are being attracted by magnets to fulfill all your desires.

Take a moment out to thank the Archangels of prosperity and abundance for making you feel a great joy that you deserved.

Angel prayer for money

Money is something we all desire in huge sums and can never get enough of. As there are Archangels of abundance and prosperity, there are Angels of wealth who help you with your financial issues.

The role of these Angels is to bring you money. They specifically are given the task to assist us with financial issues.

The Angel of wealth once invoked will always be around you and will be making sure that at every stage of life you are progressing financially.

The Angel of wealth has changed the life of many people and had the capacity to change yours too. The only thing you need to do is invoke Him in the right manner.

Once invoked, the Angel will bring you money and financial success that you did not think you were capable of receiving.

The Angel of wealth invocation if very simple and needs less commitment as compared with other invocations.

It is worth invoking the Angel of wealth whether or not you are going through a financial crisis.

Angel of good fortune

To invoke your Angel of good fortune and wealth to that, the Angel brings you the money you should first cleanse your heart.

You should not have any selfish desires or any intent to harm anyone with the money the Angel of wealth would bless you with.

Let you Angel of wealth knows of the need of you asking for financial assistance.

The Angel’s money will not reach you if you are not deserving of it. Express the reason why and what issues you are having related_posts to your finances so He can help you.

Lastly, ask for courage and strength so that you do not give up just because of the problems in life letting you down.

These Angels of wealth are also our Archangels of abundance and prosperity and will guide and help us in any way possible.

The Angels money once received by you will be blessed and whatever purpose you use it for will also, therefore, be blessed.

For example, if you use the Angels money to set up a new business, that business will very likely be successful, and you will generate a lot of revenue from it.

The Angel that brings money always blesses it so that whatever purpose you use it for becomes a blessing in your life.

Angel of Prosperity is with you

An Archangel of abundance and prosperity is never too far away from you to be called upon. He is always available for you, all you need to do is make prayer to him so he can come to assist you.

Make sure your intention of calling upon him is pure and pious. Any prayer intended to harm any individual, made to an Archangel of abundance and prosperity, will not be answered.

Be truthful to yourself and to your Archangel of prosperity and abundance.

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