Archangel Ariel – The Archangel of Nature & the Natural World

archangel ariel

Archangel Ariel is known as the Angel of nature. Ariel means “Lion of God.” The meaning of the name itself depicts its importance. She is responsible for the protection of animals, plants, as well as the Earth’s elements; which include water, wind, and fire. People or beings who harm God’s creation are punished by Angel Ariel.

Angel Ariel not only protects God’s creation but also guides people to protect the creation as well. God appointed this angel to protect His creation, whether she does it herself or does it through us.

Ariel’s sign – Inspiration from Nature

To inspire people by using nature is its signature sign. To motivate people to protect and safeguard God’s creation is what such inspiration leads to. This act protects the natural environment.

When you start to appreciate life regarding the soil, flowers, shrubs, rocks, trees, mountains, oceans, and wind, you know that Archangel Ariel is working her way to protect the natural world. If you want to help the Earth by protecting the natural world, ask Ariel the Angel to help you protect it.

By asking for help, you can learn how the mountains and rocks can be used as healing objects and how the animals and other elements of the Earth can be protected and preserved.

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Archangel Ariel is your protector

When you go hiking or camping, Archangel Ariel is your protector as places to hike, and camp is surrounded by nature. Therefore, being the Angel of nature, she is the best protector you can have around you.

If you find an injured animal along your way, call upon Archangel Ariel for help as she has the healing powers and will heal the injured creature.

This Angel provokes us to spend time with the natural world and helps us understand that the natural world has healing powers for our body, mind, and soul.

To spend time with nature, our mind is cleansed and refreshed. It provides a positive outlook on life, which is all done with the help of this angel.

When asked for help, Angel Ariel assists us to heal and transcend fear-based beliefs that are destroying our thinking capacity. Also helps us to consciously focus our thoughts on the positive things in life; using nature as a source.


Being an Angel, to invoke Angel Ariel, you need to make a prayer to her with a good heart and pure intent. It can help you take care of God’s creation, and you can pray to her for helping you achieve this goal.

If you are an animal lover, you can also pray to guide you to treat wounded or injured animals that need help and have no one to rely upon for that.

Not only this, but Angel Ariel also can keep on reminding you of God’s creation regarding the chirping of birds in the morning or horseback riding.

Ariel and Natural Resources

You can pray to Archangel Ariel to help you conserve the natural resources of the Earth; such as water. Wasting water is what all humans do every day. It starts when we wake up in the morning and start brushing our teeth.

The tap keeps running, and while the water goes to waste, we don’t even bother about it. Therefore, we can ask Ariel the Angel of nature to help us preserve this natural resource that God has bestowed upon us.

To recycle products for the additional consumption of natural resources to be reduced is also a way to protect nature and the Archangel Ariel can help you achieve this if you pray to her.

You can ask her to help you stop polluting the environment and harming nature, as it is something we all do almost every day. If you do not have a set of goals to help preserve nature, the Archangel Ariel can give you a whole list of goals that you can fulfill with her help.

Pink Light

Coming from a place whereby you witness pink light depicts that angel is present nearby. Her energy mostly corresponds to pink light rays in the Angel colors system.

Rose quartz has the same energy frequency as pink light, which is a crystal used for communication purposes with God and Ariel. So, anywhere you see pink light rays, which will be your time to pray as she will be close by and will hear and answer your prayers.

Angel Ariel’s abilities

Just asking for nature-related protection would be like limiting the abilities. For any prayer that you must make, you should be sure of the outcome you intend to receive as any intent to harm any individual or being would lead to your prayers not being answered; if heard at all.

Always listening

Therefore, you must have a pure heart and good intent while making your prayer. The best remedy to ensure a good prayer is first to cleanse your mind of any thoughts.

Then, you should concentrate solely on the purpose of your prayer, take some deep breaths, and once you are sure of what you want to pray for, make your prayer.

The Archangel Ariel is always listening; you just need to trust her with your prayers and believe that she will help you. Help comes in various forms, do not be surprised if it comes in the most unexpected ways.

This Angel will fulfill her duty of preserving nature, whether or not you want to help her in doing so.

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