Angel colors: what are they and how to use them

angel colors

So through this, we will also explore guardian angel colors and archangel colors in general. We’ll also answer the question: what color are angels? When it comes to contacting angels, there is a wide list of potential ways to do so. One of the simplest and most popular is perhaps praying.

This is, of course, an effective and reasonable method to choose but in this article, we will explore the use of colors and how they cannot only aid in your call for help or guidance; but also how you can use them to contact varying angels.

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What light means spiritually?

One of the reasons that many choose to use colors to contact angels rather than simply pray is due to the nature of the colors themselves. Everything in this world gives off a different speed vibrational energy.

Angels and beings that are of a higher divinity than mortal humans have higher vibrations than us. Every color possesses a unique vibrational energy level!

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By learning to understand the meaning behind each color, through what each color represents, you can improve your spirituality and create stronger connections with the spiritual realm, including with your angels.

Specific colors can be used for different purposes, so think of them as being spiritual connection tools. Your Guardian Angel can offer guidance on the power of angel colors!

What Colors Represent?

To aid communication and connection between two beings, the vibration level has to be as similar as possible. So when it comes to angels, they will try their best to slow their vibration to our speed but we have to play our part to try to reach theirs.

This brings us to angel colors and how to use them. Colors can alter the vibrational speed to speed up our vibrations or slow down an angel’s. The colors act as a sort of guide for vibrational speed to make the best connection.

Unfortunately, it isn’t quite as simple as choosing a color and using it. Each color represents different traits. For example, the angel color red represents power, passion, and a deep-rooted need to survive.

It’s a primal color that also covers sexual energy and strength.

Angel colors meaning

We’ve already looked at some of the traits of the angel color red so we’ll take a look at some of the other angel’s colors’ meanings.

You’d probably be able to guess some of the angel colors meaning just based on your own knowledge:

  • White, for example, represents purity and peace. Some people view white as being an absence of color rather than a color itself, but for the angel colors’ purposes, this is what it represents (Gabriel is related to color white);
  • Green is another obvious one. It represents luck (think 4-leaf clover) as well as growth and fertility. It can also relate to the Earth in general and all life on it. The archangel Raphael is represented by the color green;
  • Blue is another fairly obvious one: tranquility. Think of a calm, still lake on a windless day, thus attach to archangel Michael;
  • Yellow, the meaning of yellow is to related to optimism and to Jophiel. It could be a general optimism but it could also be more specific such as joy and spirituality. If you’ve lost your spirituality then it could be optimism that you’ll find it again.
  • Gold is one that often confuses people. Many think of gold as relating to greed or riches but it’s more to do with knowledge, specifically knowledge that leads to enlightenment.
  • Purple is linked to  Zadkiel is represented by purple, thus helping get people closer to God are the attributes of this archangel;
  • Pink,  you have the archangel Chamuel that will help you to forgive people who have brought pain to you, or if you want to find and nurture love,

Using these Colors

When it comes to actually using these colors, there are a variety of ways. You could focus on the archangel colors if you are trying to reach a specific angel. You have the basic colors above.

Alternatively, you can use the more basic colors if you simply need guidance in a specific area rather than from a specific angel.

How do you do this? Some people pray while thinking of color. For example, if you needed help with self-discovery, you may picture the color black or if you needed guidance from Michael or Zadkiel then you would use one of the archangel colors of blue or purple.

You can take this a step further though. Clothing plays a major role in your vibrational energy as it surrounds you. You’re basically wearing a cocoon of a certain speed of vibrational energy. So if you’re wearing archangel colors then they can connect with you much easier.

Another excellent technique is burning a specific color of the candle. This also works very well for archangel colors. By burning the color, you are releasing the vibrational energy into the air.

This creates a field through which your angel could contact you and better connect with you. It’s like the angel equivalent of a chatroom.

Other Methods of Connection

There are also more subtle ways for daily aids. Crystals, even those within jewelry still have a vibrational influence, despite their size. You may wear a crystal around your neck or have a crystal ball in your house; perhaps you have jewelry of certain colors.

The added benefit of these methods is that they can be constant or close to it. Your exposure to daily levels of that color’s vibrational energy can help you maintain that vibrational speed of build-up to it.

The longer you wear it, the longer you soak up that vibrational energy.

What color are angels?

You may have found all this information about colors a little confusing and are perhaps asking yourself “what color are angels?” Just to put your mind at ease, angels are not a specific color.

For example, the angel color red doesn’t mean that the archangel Uriel is red. It simply represents vibrational speeds that these archangels can easier connect to. So don’t expect to see a fully red angel appearing before you.

You may see shades of red or sometimes red clouds but these are merely representations of an angel’s presence rather than the color they actually are.

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