The Archangels – Learn more about the Seven Main Archangels

the archangels

When it comes to Archangels, it can be easy to get confused. Depending on your faith, you may view them slightly differently. They appear under different circumstances and in various forms between holy books.

This article aims to shed some light on the archangels and hopefully supply enough information to answer the questions: Who are the archangels? Are angels and archangels different?

We will also unveil why Archangel Akatriel, who while not being one of the main 7 archangels, is certainly worthy of a mention.

Difference between angels and archangels

You have probably heard the term ‘angel’ before but if you have not heard of archangels then this may confuse you slightly. While angels do play an important role throughout the world and beyond, archangels have very specific roles.

They also have more of a connection with God. We all have Guardian Angels; some of us even have a few. We all have angels watching over us as well. In comparison, archangels tend to focus their efforts on the bigger picture.

There are many instances throughout the Scriptures where archangels make their presence known. The archangels are seen as an extension of God. He often does his work through them.

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Who are the Archangels?

The simplest way to point them out to you is to list them. It should be noted that while there are estimated to be 15 or more archangels (some people put the estimations in the hundreds), there are 7 who appear repeatedly and are seen as the main 7.

Surely you know Michael, Raphael, Gabriel, Jophiel, Ariel, Azrael, and Chamuel. There is also the archangel Akatriel who is not part of the main 7 but is one of the archangels we will be exploring further.
To better understand them, it is best to get a general idea of their role.

Archangel Chamuel

The archangel Chamuel has a name that means “he who can see God”. Not just see God in the same way that we see a wall or a television. Rather he sees the vibrational energy that God represents.

All things within this universe give off vibrational energy at different speeds. Chamuel sees the connections of all vibrations and through this can see the connectedness of all things.

This even includes other angels and archangels. He aims to aid those with low vibrating energies through education, peace, and the repair of negative mindsets such as anxiety or fear.

Archangel Azrael

Archangel Azrael is one of the archangels whom we all know in one form or another.

Often known as the angel of death, Azrael’s role is to aid with death. Souls that become lost or in need of guidance are his wards.

As are those here on Earth who are struggling with the loss of someone they loved. Do not mistake Azrael to be the bringer of death.

He does not cause it or wish it but helps in the instances where it has happened.

Ariel, better known as the Archangel of peace.

One of the few female archangels, Ariel is the protector of nature and its inhabitants. She seeks to bring peace to this world.

Not for the betterment of man, but for the sake of all other life that shares this planet with us. She understands that there needs to be balanced within an ecosystem for things to remain in working order.

That is not to say that she does not help humans as well. Ariel tries to lead those in need of natural resources such as food or water.

Archangel Jophiel

Jophiel is a unique archangel in that her power is not for traditional purposes such as peace or saving the environment. The Archangel Jophiel seeks to aid creative minds.

People such as artists, writers, musicians, architects, or actors often need guidance. Not so much in their creative abilities (although she can help with those) but more in terms of keeping their egos under control.

The power of creative thinking and how it brings joy to the world is recognized by angels and archangels.

Archangel Gabriel

It is those who appear in the Bible who are the archangels many will be familiar with. Such is the case with the Archangel Gabriel.

Her skill set is based on improving communication in all forms, which is why she is often seen as the messenger archangel. Gabriel will happily assist in any manner of communication.

This could be between a father and son, mother and a baby, teacher, and a student or boss and employee. The possibilities are endless! If there are problems with communication due to negative energies such as anxiety, then Gabriel helps with these also.

Archangel Raphael

While many views his role to be maintaining peace, Archangel Raphael’s role is closer to physical and mental healing. This could be healing injuries such as broken bones or illness.

It could also be a mental illness such as depression or anxiety. He also helps with spiritual healing for those who have lost their way or have had their faith broken.

Of all the archangels, Raphael is most known for watching over travelers. Traveling alone or in a group always has risks, which Raphael tries to protect travelers.

Archangel Michael

The Archangel Michael is about as close to God as someone could get. He is known as the archangel of righteousness, justice, and mercy. So, while he seeks justice for all, he does not seek that justice in the form of violence.

Unlike the archangels previously mentioned, you will often see the Archangel Michael wielding a sword in art and other depictions. This is simply to represent his strive for justice as well as his courage, something he pushes onto us all.

Archangel Akatriel

Finally, we get to the archangel Akatriel. One of the archangels we hear about the least, he is still an important figure.

Sometimes recognized as male and other times female, Akatriel plays a major role between angels and archangels. She is seen as the prince of the archangels.

The name translates to “the crown of the source of the entire existence”. The archangel Akatriel aims to bring all faiths together under one cause to better understand God and his message.

While it is quite a noble cause, the task is nearly impossible as religious groups ignore these messages and continue to divide further and further.

By listening to the Archangel Akatriel, we can better understand the word of God and better aid the angels and archangels in their roles. This, in turn, leads humanity on a more peaceful path.

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