Nemamiah, Praiseworthy God


Nemamiah represents Higher Intelligence, the one that is equally made up of intuition and rationality.


Who is Nemamiah?

Nemamiah is the Guardian Angel of people born between January 1st and January 5th. Nemamiah dominates everything aimed at annihilating mediocrity and exalting the wealth of your soul.

He encourages freedom and the freeing of chains, the equality of all things, and universal fraternization.

This Angel and his sharp gaze see through appearances and lead us to the bottom of things.

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This angel’s characteristics

  • Element related to Nemamiah: EARTH
  • Nemamiah’s location in the Zodiac: from degree 11 to degree 15 in the Capricorn constellation
  • Position in the celestial hierarchy: Nemamiah is the first of the 8 Angels belonging to the Choir of the Archangels (called “the Fighters”) governed by the Archangel Raphael (also named “God’s Remedy”), the Archangel who symbolizes Glory.
  • Influence distributed by Nemamiah: discernment

Nemamiah’s seal

Look at his seal at the beginning of this article. Nemamiah, the “Praiseworthy God” helps us destroy what prevents us from forging ahead inside us and regain a conquering and Triumphant mind.

Focusing on Nemamiah’s Seal when you invoke him to ask for his Help will enable you to understand the cause of all your problems and have the strength to overcome them.

What are his fields of action?

  • Lucidity
  • Common sense
  • Intelligence
  • Conscience
  • Bravery

Why invoke Nemamiah?

For many reasons, among which:

  • The gift of strategy
  • The thirst for action
  • Luck to win
  • The sense of dedication
  • The power to anticipate
  • Logic and intuition
  • Self-mastery
  • The taste of success
  • Adaptation to changes

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