What are Angels Fairies?

angels fairies

They hide from people that give off negative energy. Negative people cannot feel or see the angels and fairies. People that are inclined towards love and have positive energy feel the fairies’ presence. People that give respect to animals and nature are most likely to have a great belief in angels fairies.

J.M Barrie wrote the famous play Peter Pan (1905) in which he wrote that “When the first baby laughed for the first time, the laugh broke into a million pieces, and they all went skipping about. That was the beginning of fairies.”  Fairies are the angelic creatures of Light.

Fairies are a mystic being that is as real as humans and angels. People who are pure-hearted, open-minded, and believe in angel’s fairies can only sense their presence. Unlike Archangels and guardian angels, fairies are very cautious, judgmental, and sensitive creatures.

Difference between Fairies and Angels

Angels and Fairies are two different mystic bodies. Just like angels, there are various types of fairies. Fairies and angels, both are spiritual beings. Angels are mentioned in the Bible and Quran as secret messengers of God.

It is believed that Angels grew into immortal residents of the divine realm. We do not know much about their appearance as they are pure energy. Angels’ sole purpose is to serve Humanity.

On the other hand, Fairies are associated with atheist myths or religion. In most cultures, fairies are found in their folktales and legends. They are usually considered supernatural creatures that live with human beings, but inside a considerably different dimension to humans.

Fairies are immortal, or either live extremely long lives. Fairies come in a variety of sizes and shapes.

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The difference between fairies and angels is that, unlike angels, fairies have egos, fairies’ purpose is to nurture and serve the nature of Earth. Angels and fairies are both are the purest form of energy.

What do Fairies look like?

Whenever we imagine what are fairies and what do fairies look like we always picture Tinkerbelle- a tiny girl with wings. Angels fairies are rarely seen. Many people see them faintly from the corner of the eye. It is believed that if you look directly at them, they disappear.

Most people see little angel’s fairies as small balls of light also known as “willow o wisps” around them. The balls of lights can be dim, white, or in bold colors. They come in the form of pure light and energy.

Angels Fairies are believed to be invisible because they are too small to be seen. It was assumed they could be extremely helpful to people. Likewise, if they were offended, they could be tough and dangerous.

They had magical powers but were considered to be naughty and mischievous just like children.

Different types of angels fairies

Overall angels fairies are spirit-like tiny being or have a human-like appearance. The popular concept about angel fairies is that they are really small and diminutive like a pygmy.

They are often shown as winged and look like humans. On the other hand, they are also portrayed as tiny, wrinkled troll-like gnomes with green or red eyes or as tall, good-looking creatures. The size of the angel fairies varies.

There are different types of fairies with different appearances; flower fairies, goblins, elves, gnomes, leprechauns, and pixies. One can never really tell what fairies look like.

The purpose of a Real Fairy

Some people consider fairies as ‘fallen angels’ due to their mischievous nature. This is not true. Angel fairies are creatures of Love and Pure Light. Fairies are the guardian angels of Mother Nature.

Their purpose is to protect and heal animals and the environment. Fairies do have egos, but that does not make them fallen angels. They are kinder and fairer than human beings. They contact and help those in need.

However, they do not automatically love unconditionally like the heavenly angels

Contact with Real Fairies

There are various statements of contact with real fairies:

  • In 1907 an Irish old blind married couple was interviewed who said that they kept a real fairy captive for 14 days. A friend of the old couple confirmed their claim as he had seen little people riding a donkey
  • A woman in Ireland cut a fairy thorn bush and as a result, was “infested with real fairies.”
  • In 1917, a girl Elsie Wright and a boy Frances Griffiths, 10 from Yorkshire village England, claimed that they played with real fairies. When nobody believed them, they took photos of their fairies. The famous author Sir Arthur Conan Doyle got inspired by the photographs and wrote the book “The Coming of the Fairies” (1922)

How to gain the trust of Angels Fairies

A real fairy’s trust and respect can be gained by spreading kindness towards nature. Using Eco-friendly supplies, recycling, and volunteering in environmental causes are a few of the actions that fairies like seeing in their possible human friends.

Once you gain the fairies’ trust, they can do anything to please you. Fairies are not diabolical creatures. It is a myth that they harm people without any reason.

Fairies love to play tricks on those people who are cruel towards the environment or animals; this is how they have gained a reputation for trouble.

Sometimes they play pranks that are not harmful to people they adore just to be playful such as hiding things.

Where can Angel Fairies be found?

You can find fairies anywhere; they are not bound to a specific place. However, the best place to find fairies is Forests because along with nature they are immensely affectionate towards the wilderness.

Fairies reside wherever there are animals or plants. They live near pets and houseplants. If you are looking to meet a fairy clean your plants and avoid tightly trimmed gardens.

In Peter Pan, Tinkerbelle (the fairy) thought that she would get better if children believed in fairies.

This is the actual case with the real fairies too. You can only feel them if you believe in them!

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