Archangel Gabriel and Revelations about the names of the Angels

angel gabriel

To those who are suffering and need comfort. To those who are sad and need joy. To those who have lost confidence and need hope, I advise you to turn to the Angel Gabriel and to uncover the names of Angels able to support you. Discover more about the Archangel Gabriel.

Who is the Archangel Gabriel?

Gabriel rules over the Archangels’ Choir. With Michael, Raphael, and Uriel, he is the fourth Archangel. They represent the 4 Pillars of the world.

You can call him to know the names of the Angels who can help you

  • with the 4 cardinal points
  • and the 4 elements (Fire, Water, Earth, Air) that make up the world.

Just like the Archangel Michael, he declared war on Evil. And just like Michael, he endeavors to fight Evil with one aim in mind: To ensure that Good prevails, regardless of the circumstances.

He is often pictured holding a fleur-de-lis, the ultimate symbol of purity. Your Guardian Angel can help guide you towards this level of spiritual growth and knowledge!

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What is the meaning of “Gabriel”?

Gabriel means “the Strength of God”. But the Angel Gabriel is also called the “Messenger of the Divine”. In the Bible, he is the harbinger of the news to Mary that she is to give birth to the child of the Holy Spirit. As such, he is the Angel of Birth and Resurrection.

Why should you invoke Angel Gabriel and the name of angels?

He is said to teach the mysteries of incarnation to beings before they penetrate the world of men. He is the compulsory step for noble souls who seek to get closer to the Divine and want to free themselves from worldly contingencies.

During your life, you can invoke him too anytime, to be given the names of the angels able to help you in any circumstance.

Finally, great Miracles are attributed to the Angel Gabriel. Thus, sincerely praying to him can bring great satisfaction along with asking for my free readings.

You will invoke him to:

  • regain hope when faced with difficult times
  • recover self-confidence and lift your spirits
  • reduce stress
  • bring joy and serenity
  • bring the truth to light so justice is done
  • unveil the names of your most supportive Angels

My free readings could also help you if you have any difficulty invoking Gabriel or finding the names of the Angels you would like to know better.

When could you be given the names of Angels?

In Christianity, he is God’s Word. He is the bearer of justice and truth but also of love and fraternity.

In Judaism, he is the Prince of fire, the one who destroyed the decadent cities of Sodom and Gomorrah. Because, even though he is the Angel of Hope and Mercy, he is also a Combatant and can be the Angel of vengeance when needed.

In Islam, he is “the spirit filled with Faith” who dictated the Coran to Muhammad.

Once called, he will communicate with you and could unveil the names of the angels particularly helpful in any difficult position, to earn more money, find love,  or have luck…

What is Angel Gabriel’s story?

He holds a very particular place in the angelical world. Designated by God to be his Ambassador in contact with men, he was tasked with revealing the greatest prophecies: the one unveiled to the Virgin Mary, as previously mentioned, and the one revealing the birth of the child Jesus to the shepherds too.

It is also said that he backed up Joan of Arc before she left to fight for the King of France.

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