HAZIEL, mercy and forgiveness; the God of Reconciliation


Haziel is an Angel of Light. He generously brings light to those who seek to attain it through meditation or as they go through troubled times.


Who is Haziel?

He is the Guardian Angel of people born between May 1st and May 5th.

Haziel has special significance for Humankind in that he always causes it to go in the direction of more Free peace, more compassion, more harmony.

He symbolizes forgiveness and unconditional love. He offers you total forgiveness for all your faults through the mercy of the divine and attracts the kind of important people to you. The stone of the angel Haziel is Topaz and its colors are Turquoise / Yellow. Of the 7 charisms, it governs The Word of Peace.

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Due to the fact that he possesses wisdom as well as the secret knowledge of things, Haziel supports everything that is meant to protect the earth and promote new awareness oriented toward the divine.

Not only is Haziel an Angel of Light, but he is also an Angel of Justice. He does not assume the role of a judge but he helps each and everyone to improve themselves, creating a balance between men.

Characteristics of this angel

  • Haziel’s Element: the EARTH
  • Haziel’s location in the Zodiac: from degree 10 to degree 15 in the Taurus constellation
  • Position in the celestial hierarchy: Haziel is the first Angel in the Cherubim Choir. Cherubim act under the benevolent authority of the Archangel Raziel. Raziel represents the wisdom granted to those who sincerely aspire to the divine.
  • Focusing on Haziel’s seal when you invoke him to request his help will enable you to propel your prayer to the throne of his choir.
  • Influence distributed by Haziel: FORGIVENESS

What are his fields of action?

He brings you the unconditional love of the universe that allows you to receive the gift of forgiveness and benefit from the mercy of the divine. He encourages you on the path of reconciliation with your enemies.

He makes you an honest person who is well respected and whose sincerity of heart is well known. Haziel feeds his inner goodness by allowing him to banish any evil that surrounds him.

It brings you loving energy so powerful that you are able to immediately rid your mind of all negative thoughts. This also affects those close to you.

They are numerous. Here are the main ones:

  • Peace
  • Mercy
  • Compassion
  • Forgiveness
  • Love
  • Wisdom
  • Spirituality

Why invoke him?

Invoking Haziel makes it possible to obtain:

  • Well-being
  • Protection
  • Inner balance
  • Reconciliation
  • Justice and reparation
  • Absolution of the wrong done
  • End to problems
  • Spiritual elevation

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