Who is Mother Mary?

Mother Mary Queen

The mother of angels – Queen Mary – is the most well-known woman in the 3 most famous religions in the world – Islam, Christianity, and Catholicism. Known as the “Virgin Mary” who gave birth to Jesus, she is loved all over the world and for a good reason. Learn all about her and why is she such a famous person amongst people and Angels…

Who is Mother of Angels Mary?

The Virgin Mary is known by many names such as Our Lady, Mother of God, Queen of Angels, Blessed Virgin, Mother Mary, Mary of Sorrows, and Queen of the Universe. The Mother of Angels is the patron saint of the people on Earth; she watches over them in a very motherly manner just as she did with her son – Jesus Christ.

She was conceived with Jesus when she was a Virgin – this is the reason for which she is very famous as a woman can’t give birth while being a virgin; as proved scientifically. After giving birth to Jesus, being a virgin, she was given the title of being “Blessed by the Divine”. Thus, the title “Virgin” Mary.

She makes herself available to people of all religions and faith. She sprinkles her unconditional love and light onto people to help guide them onto the right path. Your Guardian Angel can help guide you towards this level of spiritual growth and knowledge!

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Mother of Jesus Christ

The Mother of the Angels is the mother of Jesus Christ. She is an ascended being in the spiritual realm who serves alongside Archangel Raphael who oversees healing, clarity, music, innovation, and truth.

Working for the Divine cause of humanity, she is always available to assist you in your life and nurture you with her love and light. Her abilities far exceed the abilities of the Angels in the spiritual realm.

Her energy is very supreme to which access can be gained by calling upon her for help; just like angels are called upon for help by making a prayer.

When you want to feel loved, safe, and at peace, you should call upon Virgin Mary Angel, she will help you in the utmost best way possible to ease your inner self by nurturing her unconditional love onto you; guiding you towards happiness.

Mary Queen of the Angels

Jesus Christ was known as the King of Heaven, and thus, the Mary Queen of the Angels knew his mother. You can connect with the Mother of Angels by conducting healing sessions that will be blessed by the Queen Mary herself.

Without you even calling upon her, she will come to help, guide, and assist you with your healing process. The name “Mother of the Angels” comes from the link that the powers that Mother Mary possesses are the same as that of Angels.

She can help, guide, and assist you throughout any point or phase in life, and thus, the name Mother of the Angels was given to her. People who are in trouble are reassured by the Virgin Mary that they will receive help and care in the best possible ways. She has taken the responsibility of helping people.

Just like the Angels, the Mother of Angels has unlimited love and light that can be spread amongst many people, all at the same time. She can’t be linked to the Divine or be seen as a pathway to reach the Divine Himself. Rather, she is a gateway for you to make your current miserable condition better and more cheerful.

For example, when you feel worthless, sad, depressed, lonely, or even suicidal, you can always call upon the mother Mary ascended master to help you with your current condition.

It will be within no time that you will start to experience light surrounding you, and all your negative emotions are sucked out of you while you are filled with positive vibrational frequencies. It is the work of Mother Mary to nurture her children – all the people on Earth – with life and light to help lead them into a happy life.

You can’t worship Mother Mary

Mother Mary does not allow anybody to worship her. However, you can connect with her to get her help, guidance, and assistance. You can gain her support, but she would not stand being worshiped as the only deity worthy of being worshiped is the Divine Himself.

The uplifting energy of the Mother of Angels has access to healing, mentoring, teaching, and protecting abilities. She has mastered all of her physical lives on Earth by choosing to love and spread love amongst people. She is a highly evolved spiritual being who can’t be wronged at any point in time.

Being always present, regardless of time or circumstances, you can always count on her when you are in a time of need. Whether it is 4 am or 2 pm, she will always be available to help, guide, and assist you; just like the Angels.

You can witness the love and care of Mother Mary by meditating, through dreams, through healing sessions, or even through prayers.

The most effective and efficient form, however, is the prayers. Prayers can be made at any time of the day regardless of who you are or where you belong.

But, the most vital component of making a prayer is the intention you place before making it.

For your prayer to be heard and answered, you need to ensure that you do not intend to harm anyone with the prayer you are about to make and that your heart is pure as a crystal with no thoughts of bringing harm to anyone.

All prayers are heard, but not all are answered

The ones that are not answered are the ones that have been made with a bad intention of possibly harming someone else or taking away someone else’s right.

Thus, you need to be aware of your intention and ensure that you do not plan to bring any sort of harm to anyone.

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