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Angelic Rays – Why are they important?

angelic rays

If you haven’t heard of the seven rays of light, don’t worry, you aren’t alone. This article will take a brief look at the history of the 7 rays of light as well as exploring each of them individually. We’ll also explore each of the corresponding ray angels as well as the personality attributes associated with each of the angelic rays so that by the end of this article you should be able to answer the question: Which of the seven rays am I?

History of the 7 Rays of Light

As with many spiritual practices, the idea of the angelic rays of light extends far back into history and appears across multiple religious groups. This particular idea has existed as far back as 600 BCE. So you can truly see the power and support that the angelic rays have and continue to receive. It’s an idea that can be found in India in Hinduism as well as across the Western world in religions such as Catholicism. So what are the seven rays of light?

Understanding the Angelic Rays

Put into simple terms, the angelic rays are everything. They make up all the energy in both the physical and non-physical universe. Rather than viewing everything as “one energy” we instead divide it up into the 7 rays of light. These are the 7 main types of energy that come together to form all the energy or “the one” energy. Many view each ray of light as its own lesson and by learning, practicing and mastering the skills under each light one can find enlightenment through the energies of the universe. We are all drawn naturally towards one of the rays but can always direct our energies towards the others.

Which of the Seven Rays am I?

The rays themselves each have deeper levels of meaning and understanding but in this article we will look at them in the simplest terms by focusing on each ray, its properties and the corresponding ray angels. The first ray (Archangel Michael) is often seen as the will and power: A drive to achieve our own place in this universe and allow our personality to shine through. The second ray (Archangel Jophiel) tends to represent wisdom. Often this relates to our own inner-knowledge and being able to look within ourselves to find deeper meaning. The third ray (Archangel Chamuel) often has various meaning attached to it. Put simply, it is about balance. It may represent love, compassion and even selflessness but ultimately it’s about caring for the world around us.

Rays 4 & 5

The fourth ray (Archangel Gabriel) is all about hope and spirit. In dark times we need to be able to look beyond the darkness to see the light. If we can’t look past what lies in front of us then we end up trapped there. The fifth ray (Archangel Raphael) is seen as truth. It can represent one’s determination to find truth but also shows how truth always finds a way. Only by being true to ourselves and to others can we find where be belong in this world.

Rays 6 & 7

The sixth ray (Archangel Uriel) represents peace. This could be remaining peaceful when surrounded by conflict but it also refers to an inner peace: One we can only achieve by forgiving ourselves and others. Finally we have number seven of the angelic rays (Archangel Zadkiel): This one represents freedom but also justice. It’s the notion that while we should all be free there will always be consequences for acts of evil.

One of the benefits of each of the rays having a corresponding Archangel is that you know who to pray to for advice. So if you come across any problems regarding each of the rays, reach out to its Archangel for guidance on your journey.


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