Angel of Fear and Releasing the Blocks of Abundance

angel of fear

In this article, we will touch on the angel of fear and some of the specific fears which block abundance. We’ll also take a look at how to release these blockages. The idea of the abundance mentality stems from something known as the ‘Law of Attraction.

This simple philosophical idea states that only through thinking positively will positive things happen to us. If we want to find happiness, we have to be happy or if we want a pet dog then but we have to imagine all the dogs in the world and realize there’s no reason we can’t get one. However, fear can cloud your abundant mind and block your path.

Who is the Angel of Fear?

The angel of fear is more of an idea than an actual being. Many angels can help you cope with fear or provide strength when you face your fear but the idea of an angel of fear is a rather sinister one.

We can however use the idea of an angel of fear to highlight some of the many issues we could face when trying to develop our abundance mindset. So we will take a look at some of the fears which can hold us back.

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Fear yes but which kind of fear?

It’s important to remember that these are not all of the fears but just some examples to highlight that fear can present itself in many different forms:

  • Fear of Success: This may seem like a strange one and might even be something you’ve never considered but a fear of success is a common block of abundance. It’s natural to worry about the change that can take place with success. You may worry that you’ll change or that other people will have a change of opinion in regards to you.
  • Fear of Danger: It’s possible that you’re scared of what situations you may end up in. You may worry that you’ll face scary or even dangerous situations due to your new positive attitude.
  • Fear of Negativity: As you start to develop your abundant mentality, you may be scared that the negativity of the world will halt your progress. In the early stages of our development, we often have to try extremely hard to keep our attitudes positive or to see the bright side of things. As such, we are cautious of all negativity, especially in the form of negative people.
  • Fear of Happiness: This is another fear that you may not consider when thinking about abundance blocks. So why would anybody be scared of happiness? Well, to be happy is to be content and within contentment, there is a loss of meaning in the world. This is usually temporary but it’s a concern that many of us have as we near this area.

How to Clear Blockages

So if the “angel of fear” has claimed you then clearing your blockages may be the first step to achieving the desired abundance mentality.

One thing we won’t cover here is the abundance of prayer reviews. We aren’t going to cover an Archangel Raphael prayer for money or an Archangel Michael prayer for money.

You shouldn’t have any problem finding an angel prayer for money online but this isn’t an efficient step towards the abundance mentality.

We aren’t even going to look at an Archangel Gabriel prayer for abundance. We will however cover some Archangel prayers for abundance.

Angel Abundance Prayer

Praying to your angels is a great way to clear yourself of any fears. Are they going to snap their spiritual fingers and make the fear vanish? No.

Rather, they will guide you through conquering the fear yourself as this is a much more important step on your spiritual journey. So who do you pray to and what do you say?

One of the important things to remember about praying is that it’s a deeply personal process. We will cover some examples but you should remember that there isn’t a wrong way to pray.

You may struggle with how to word your angel of abundance prayer though so here are some examples.

Example Prayers

You can use these prayers word for word, modify them to suit your needs, or simply use them as inspiration.

All of these options are equally as acceptable so don’t worry yourself over how to pray. Just trust your instincts and you can’t go wrong:

Dear Archangel Michael, I reach out to you now in my time of need in the hope,

that you can guide me towards my goal of achieving an abundance mentality.

My fears are acting as blockages and are impeding the work I’m putting into reaching this goal.

I ask that you guide me towards achieving my goal or provide me with the strength to overcome my fears.

Thank you for all that you have already done and all that you will do in the future, Amen!

This is one example of a prayer you may choose to make to Archangel Michael who is the angel of protection and love. Alternatively, you may choose to pray to Archangel Zadkiel:

Dear Archangel Zadkiel, I pray to you now in search of guidance. I have fears blocking my abundance,

and I can’t seem to shake them on my own. I ask that you bask me in your violent light,

so that I may summon the courage to face my demons and conquer my fears.

Your righteousness is admirable and any guidance or

strength you send to me will be appreciated beyond measure.


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