Archangel Jeremiel: Angel of Hope

archangel jeremiel

Archangel Jeremiel is an angel of hopeful visions and dreams. We all are fighting private battles, thwarted aspirations, and grief that cripples naturally. Amidst all this chaos, we find messages for hope and motivation. God plans everything.

He has planned for this specific problem too. He communicates motivational and hopeful messages from God to people who are troubled and discouraged.

Archangel Jeremiel – Origin

People ask Angel Jeremiel for help to evaluate their lives so that people could figure out what God would like them to change their lives to better fulfill their lives.  He encourages people to learn from their mistakes, solve problems, pursue healing, seek a new direction, and find encouragement.

Angel Jeremiah’s specializes in understanding the spiritual visions and conducting a life review so that people can make adjustments concerning how to wish to live. How familiar are you with Archangel Jeremiel, the Angel of Hope?

All Archangels serve a specific purpose within this universe. By learning to understand their role and what each one symbolizes, you can form stronger connections with these angelic beings.

Bonding with Archangels allows you to invoke their power in times of need and call upon them for support. Your Guardian Angel can offer more information on Archangel Jeremiel!

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What is Archangel Jeremiel known for? 

Many of the Eastern Orthodox traditions, several non-canonical and Coptic books such as 2 Edras, recognize Archangel Jeremiel. They also outline conversations between Jeremiel and Ezra, and then later Zephaniah. 

On the other hand, Jeremiel watches over the departed souls. In the Ethiopian Book of Enoch, he is listed as one of the seven archangels and referred to as “Ramiel”. 

In this Holy Scripture, Archangel Jeremiel is an angel of hope-inspiring Divine visions. In addition to these Divine visions, Jeremiel also inspires souls who are set to ascend to Heaven. 

Other Religious Roles 

Like other Archangels, the main sacred task performed by Archangel Ramiel is collaborating with Archangel Michael and other guardian angels. 

Their task is vital which is serving as angels of death. They, with the guardian angels, escort the people’s souls from Earth to heaven. In addition to this, learning from the experiences of people is very important for the angel. 

Once people ascend to heaven, the angels help the people reviewing their earthly lives. They learn from what they experienced. Some of the new believers also claim that Jeremiel is also responsible for bringing joy in the lives of girls and women. 

Therefore, some traditions also name Archangel Jeremiel is the angel of joy for women. He appears in female form when he delivers blessings of joy to them. 

Archangel Jeremiel and it’s color 

Jeremiel is associated with Dark purple color and leads the angels whose energy corresponds directly to purple light ray. His aura is a deep purple. 

The staunch believers in Angel Jeremiel see the light as a sign of Ramiel’s presence. Whenever they see this light, they hold a firm belief that the Archangel wants to communicate with them. 

Jeremiel and Psychic Dreams looking

Many artistic depictions of Jeremiel show him in the manner that most people see him: as if seeing him in a dream or vision.

As we just discussed, Jeremiel is even associated with the color purple, the same color as the Crown Chakra, which we know is connected to our sense of oneness with the universe.  

Dreams, especially those prophetic in nature, involve the surfacing of deep thoughts from the depths of your subconscious mind. The subconscious is a pool of collected information and spiritual signals.

These are the things our conscious mind often overlooks as we live our day to day lives. This can include spiritual messages from our angels or symbols that we’ve dismissed as being irrelevant. 

Jeremiel’s role in prophetic dreams is as a guide. During the dream state, he will lead you to the information that is most important, while helping you navigate through any aspects of your being that no longer serve you.

Many of these thoughts still linger within your subconscious mind, and they are often the cause of negative emotions or energy. Cleansing such thoughts require work, but this is also something that Jeremiel can help you with.

However, his role within the dream state is to highlight missed messages. Not just those from spiritual beings, but also from friends, family, and even yourself.  

This Archangel’s guidance does differ depending on whether you’re awake or asleep, and he has been known to gift humanity visions.  

Prophetic Visions 

When we think of visions, we often imagine it being similar to those in movies where it becomes impossible to tell the vision apart from reality as you’re surrounded by bright lights, colors, and sounds.

Visions can appear in this form, but they can also be incredibly subtle. Many visions will be indistinguishable from your own thoughts or inner voice.

The deeper the connection you have with your intuition and your spiritual self, the easier it will be to detect these visions and understand their meaning. After all, they are often sourced from your own subconscious mind, much like prophetic dreams.  

Visions can also offer us glimpses into the past or future. They can be memories from past lives or futures that may come to pass if we don’t reconsider the path we’re currently walking along.

Sometimes visions will help guide us towards our destiny by showing us the way. For example, you may see a vision where you’re teaching a room of people about spirituality and sharing your spiritual journey.

At this moment, if you feel a deep sense of happiness and fulfillment, then you’ll know that this future will contribute towards the completion of your soul mission. 

Visions can also highlight anchors. An anchor is a moment from the past that is limiting our progress. Much like the anchor of a boat, they hold us in place and restrict our movement.

We form anchors when we’re unable to heal from or let go of trauma. Trauma can be anything that causes us to enter a negative emotional or spiritual state. Jeremiel can help us confront these intrapersonal issues.  

Life Reviews and Moving Forward with Jeremiel 

A life review is something that we often associate with death or the Archangel Azrael.

You will experience a life review at the moment of death; when you experience your life over again as a way to highlight the lessons you’ve learned, the impact you’ve had on the world, and the mistakes you’ve made (so that you may also learn from them as you enter your next life).  

But a life review can also be experienced in life. Granted, they aren’t quite as intense or insightful, but there is still a lot to be learned and a lot to be gained from such an experience.

A life review is about taking personal stock of your current situation: your goals, your hobbies, your mental state, and your spiritual awareness. It’s about questioning yourself in order to better understand the aspects of your life that are serving your best interests, and those that aren’t.  

Archangel Jeremiel can help you to see the bigger picture!

This means that you’ll no longer sweat the small stuff, so to speak, as you’ll know that negative emotions are merely temporary states of mind that will pass. But he’ll also help you uncover the true direction of your life.

The more time you spend learning from this Archangel, the better you’ll begin to understand the route your spiritual path is taking.  Jeremiel’s guidance can be particularly useful and supportive when you’re struggling to overcome a challenge or obstacle. In moments such as this, we often doubt ourselves and our abilities.

We begin to question whether we’re on the right path, thinking that we should settle for a simpler life with less responsibility. Jeremiel will remind you of your purpose and help your find the inner strength necessary to conquer whatever stands in your way. He knows that you’re meant for greatness! 

Connecting with Jeremiel 

Struggling to communicate with Archangel Jeremiel isn’t uncommon. It’s not that he isn’t there, or that your messages aren’t reaching him, but rather that his signs and responses are much subtler than that of other angels.

You might say that we miss the falling feather because we’re too busy looking for the angel. Tuning into the presence of this Archangel requires you to establish your intention and then open your mind, heart, and spirit to his energy.

You have to become aware of your surroundings so that the subtlest change can be detected. 

Meditating to enter this state of mind can be an incredibly beneficial practice. Not only does it allow you to remain in better touch with the nudges of your intuition, but it also focuses your mind on the task at hand.

You may wish to use a mantra to help focus your energy. You can say this out loud or in your head, but create it based on the reason you’re reaching out to Archangel Jeremiel.  

When to call Angel Jeremiel? 

He is a symbol of hope and motivation in fragmented souls. His presence is important for those who seek light in their dull lives. By his blessing, people can turn their lives into good according to God’s will. 

He also helps the newly crossed-over soul to review their lives before ascending to Heaven. Archangel Jeremiel guides the people to review their present life. Therefore, you don’t have to wait for your physical passage to have a life review. 

You can ask His assistance anytime as we take inventory of our actions and adjust our lives for the future accordingly. 

He is a mentor and teacher who want to bring the best out of people by guiding them and helping them to achieve God’s kindness. 

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