How to invoke your Guardian Angel?


When doubt is taking over and when no clear decision comes up in our minds, it is always good to be able to consult some trustworthy person. In such situations, your Guardian Angel can help you. Whether you have a question to ask him or a choice to make, here is how to invoke him. […]

Spiritual Advice to be happy: pray to give thanks


Praying can be “requesting”. And if praying means “requesting something with faith for someone else”, the prayer in question will most often be answered. But praying for yourself can and must only be used to give thanks. Praying is giving thanks But giving thanks to whom? Give thanks in accordance with your belief. You can […]

Prayers to attain serenity


The powers of the sacred words is infinite when you master the art of using them. May this Prayer help you in your quest for peace and serenity. Prayer to find peace This Prayer will help you relax. Recite it, preferably at night. “Please, Guardian Angels, Give me the fire that brings joy, the sounds […]

How to talk to your Guardian Angel


Every human being has – most of the time unknowingly – a Guardian Angel. Even though, most of the time, they remain invisible to the vast majority of people, Angels accompany us on a daily basis. I’ve decided to reveal a few tips to establish contact with your Guardian Angel. Finding and talking to your […]