How to Create an Abundance Prayer

How to Create an Abundance Prayer

What is Abundance?

In simple terms, abundance is the idea of having more of something than you need. We often make the mistake of believing that we can only experience abundance in relation to material possessions e.g. an abundance of food or an abundance of wealth.

However, one thing you’ll quickly learn as you develop your spirituality is that abundance is more commonly used to refer to your spiritual journey. You may experience a sense of abundance or fullness from interacting with your deeper spiritual self, or you may benefit from an abundance of positive energy or emotions.

You may choose to pray for a certain type of prosperity or abundance. For example, there are prayers for financial abundance (including a wealth mantra), good fortune (including an abundance mantra), success in all things, and many more. Here are some common prayers that you can use for helping you on your journey to abundance.

A Prayer for an Abundance of Blessings

You may choose to pray for an abundance of blessing when you feel yourself struggling on a spiritual level. Perhaps you’ve had a momentary lapse in faith, or maybe you’re struggling to notice or interpret angel signs.

Either way, receiving blessings from your angels will help you on your journey:

Oh Lord and his angels, I place my trust and faith in your judgments, even though I feel lost or confused.

I call upon your good nature and ask that you help me find my way back to the light. I ask for your blessings so that I may return to doing your work.

Shower me with blessings and allow me to experience an abundant state. Amen!

And here’s a short abundance mantra for attracting the blessings of your angels:

I am grateful for the blessings of the Divine.

A Prayer for Financial Abundance

A common create abundance prayer relates to achieving a comfortable amount of wealth. Being the wealthiest isn’t everything, but there are times when being financially secure can allow a higher level of spiritual exploration to take place.

Here’s a short create abundance prayer for financial security, followed by an even shorter mantra:

Oh Lord and Heavenly Angels, I reach out to you in search of wealth; not for myself, but for those I love and care for.

I wish to bless others with the gift of a comfortable life, and I ask only enough to do so.

I ask for your judgment and help so that I may be worthy and deserve the strengthening of my prosperity. Amen!

And then we have the wealth mantra:

 I am grateful for what I will receive and

what will flow towards me.

A Prayer for Good Fortune

The final example of a create abundance prayer we’re going to explore is for receiving good fortune. This can also be viewed as luck but is generally believed to be positive karma.

What we view as being positive outcomes based on chance is actually karma rewarding us for past actions. Good fortune can refer to financial wealth, but it can also refer to outcomes of choices, events, or the abundance of energy or health.

Here’s an example of a prayer for good fortune:

Dear God, I pray that you bestow good fortune upon my life.

I ask that you lead me further along my spiritual path and use your divine light to guide me in the right direction.

Allow me to continue your work here on Earth.

Help me to remain righteous in all that I do. Amen.

And finally, an abundance mantra for good fortune:

Good fortune flows through me and touches all that I do.