Praying – Spiritual Advice to be Happy


Praying can be “requesting”. And if praying means “requesting something with faith for someone else”, the prayer in question will most often be answered. But praying for yourself can and must only be used to give thanks.

Praying is giving thanks

But giving thanks to whom?
Give thanks in accordance with your belief. You can also address:

  • A God,
  • Heaven,
  • the Creator,
  • the Architect of the Universe
  • or even Vacuum,
  • Destiny,
  • Or simply Life…

What matters is giving thanks.

Why pronounce a prayer to give thanks?

There are each day a thousand and one reasons to give thanks! Give thanks for:

  • being alive,
  • seeing another dawn,
  • not waking up with a sore throat, back strain, or leg pain…

By adopting this dynamic attitude consisting in giving thanks on a daily basis, you will be more positive, constructive, creative and you will take charge of your life. And your life will take on its full meaning, the meaning you want to give it.


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