How to know if you are bewitched


We sometimes think that bad luck sticks to us like glue and that we are the victims of an evil spell. But how to differentiate between an unfortunate coincidence and a spell? Here are a few questions to ask yourself to know whether you have been bewitched or not. Bewitchment in response to an act […]

How to protect yourself from evil spells


You won’t achieve that by withdrawing to a mountain. Evil spells are not bound by space and time. As far as magic is concerned, its efficiency relies on knowledge. The practical indications I will now reveal to you will enable you to create a shield of protection against evil spells. 1st precaution to take to […]

Guardian Angel Ritual of protection


If doubts take over, if you feel the influence of harmful waves weighing too heavily down on you, I suggest you put a ritual into practice, one that will comfort you. I am talking about a ritual capable of making you receive optimal protection from your Guardian Angel against negative energies. How to perform this […]

The meaning of precious stones


Since the dawn of time, precious stones have always fascinated men all around the world. To some, they represent wealth. In others’ opinion – a more spiritual one – they symbolize magic and power. Precious stones: wealth, magic and power As far back as Man can remember precious stones have always been worshipped. One thing […]