Curses and spells

curses and spells

All the curses, evil charms or spells have but one goal: that of harming someone through magical actions, the aim of which is always to affect someone’s life through their possessions, well-being, family, or even themselves. But is it possible to counter curses and protect ourselves from them? Discover more now about curses and spells!

The effects of curses and spells

Whether we’re talking about curses or evil spells, these actions are always negative. Thus, such practices can never be justified.

In fact, both curses and evil spells aim to compound somebody’s misery. Case in point, there is a reason why those using popular language say – when talking about someone – that they are making their life a “misery”!

The effects of Evil curses can also be compared to a poison that third parties may administer to someone. This poison settles in, lashes out at some particular aspect of that person’s life depending on some characteristics that are common to spells:

  • physical integrity,
  • material goods,
  • love life,
  • work…

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How to remove a spell

Just like any poisoning, curses prevent the affected person from being able to make use of all the means they have at their disposal, deeply affecting their ability to show good judgment.

One of the essential characteristics of the people that are affected by such magical practices is the sharp sensation that their destiny is slipping through their hands. They also always lead them to lose their joie de vivre.

I did not randomly mention the word “poisoning” to talk about curses and spells. I chose this word because it also has a positive side: in the field of magic, there is a remedy, an antidote to every poison.

So, rest assured that there exists an effective means to fight curses and spells. I will share them with you here as time goes by.

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