Diamond, the queen of precious stones


Diamonds are certainly precious stones par excellence but this exceptional mineral is so much more than an external sign of wealth that it is interesting to discover a bit more the mystical stone that is the Diamond …

Diamonds, one-of-a-kind precious stones…

Taking an interest in diamonds is, in a way, getting closer to the Gods. Indeed, in Greek mythology, the weapons and Instruments of the Gods of the Olympus were said to be forged with Diamonds.

Because this precious stone is one of the hardest and most powerful there is on Earth, it is reputed to be untamable. It is even said that each of them chooses its owner.

Diamonds are magical stones par excellence. A simple look at them is enough to understand that, when they are cut into 52 facets, they sparkle scintillatingly and split up light, showing the colors of the rainbow.

Diamonds, precious Stones that can be found all around the world and over the ages

Beyond the fact that they are magical stones, diamonds possess undeniable virtues. Since the dawn of time, from Egypt to India and Ancient Greece, diamonds have often been used for their purifying virtues.

What is their meaning?

  • In India, they were said to ward off evil in its every form.
  • In Greece, they were said to bring good luck and strength. They were also said to keep conflicts away from couples and to reinforce the love shared.
  • In Egypt, they were called “God’s Tear” because they symbolized the sun, courage, and truth.

All the stories that revolve around diamonds make this precious stone a unique and powerful talisman of protection.

Even in the Middle Ages, magicians placed them on parts of the body to relieve some pains – and even cure them. They were said to rid bodies from evil spirits, put an end to hallucinations and soothe anxiety.

Diamond, a magical stone

Since it is indestructible, it is sometimes offered as an engagement ring. Young women traditionally wear it on the ring finger of the left hand.

Why is that? Because, in olden times, it was thought that a vein connected this finger and the heart. By putting this diamond – which is the symbol of purity and strength – on this finger, love was sealed forever in the hearts of the young lovers.

And some modern myths even say that the tips of the arrow of the angel Cupid are made of diamond.

My tip: if, someday, you are lucky enough to possess such a precious stone, look at it closely. Take time to admire it and take it in your hands. It will do you a world of good. It will bring you strength, ward off evil and reinforce love in your life.


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