How to protect yourself from evil spells

evil spells and curses

You won’t achieve that by withdrawing to a mountain. Evil spells  and curses are not bound by space and time. As far as magic is concerned, its efficiency relies on knowledge. The practical indications I will now reveal to you will enable you to create a shield of protection against evil spells.

1st precaution to take to ward off evil spells and curses: take care of your home and everything it shelters!

You will need to abide by a few very simple but indispensable rules to effectively fight negative forces and create this shield.

First of all, make sure nothing “weird” lies in your place of residence. Perform a spring-cleaning and look for feathers in your pillows and bits of strings with knots for instance (this is the technique that is most commonly used by spell casters)…

Everything that looks unusual and that, to the best of your knowledge, should not be in the house must be discarded.

Everything that may represent an entrance door into your house for negative forces must also be discarded. Here are some examples:

  • No stagnant water in vases,
  • Empty bins,
  • Rotten fruits;

All these elements may serve as a base for negative forces and, as a result, favor evil spells.

By the way, if you think you are the victim of some bewitchment, do not place any mirror in your bedroom as long as the evil spell has not been totally erased.

2nd precaution to thwart evil spells: stay away from harmful objects

Also make sure there is no “negatively charged” object near you. If you manage to spot such an object (believe me, you will immediately feel such an object if there is one in your house), get rid of it without delay.

Furthermore, if you know that some people lie at the root of your problems, avoid sitting down at the same table as them. And, do not eat with them (above all: no bread or salt).

Tackle this situation without fear since fear generates negative waves. Above all, avoid anger because it would create a loophole in your defensive wall against evil spells and curses. Do not forget that your Angel watches over you and that the forces of light are by your side.

3rd precaution to protect you from evil spells: take care of yourself

Insofar as possible, reduce your meat consumption. Opt for white meat and fish.

Do not forget that, if you can’t see the attack coming, the effects of a spell are real and often come alongside some kind of depression. Do not hesitate to ask for help if you feel bad.

Fighting against evil spells requires a lot of energy. Learn to preserve your resources and have a restful sleep!

So, this is it. You have just read the main things meant to protect you from evil spells. Do this and the evil spell should leave your life!


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