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Ruby, the gemstone of Alchemists


The word “Ruby” comes from the Latin “rubeus”, which mean “red”. But it most certainly is also derived from the word “rebis”, or “double thing”, which gave birth to the word “rebus”. This word suggests that rubies hold a secret meaning: that of the Philosopher’s Stone, the final stage of which is called… rubedo (reddening).

Ruby, the Stone of Fire and blood

Rubies surpass even the most ardent stones and release rays resembling incandescent coal, which the dark forces cannot put out.

Remy de Gourmont, Mystical Latin – Paris, 1913 according to the Bishop Marbodius

Also known as “carbuncle“, which means “coal” or “incandescent ember”, rubies are symbolically derived from fire. It is said that they chased dragons away.

But they also represent blood through its color and, as a result, life. Case in point, its reddish hue is called “pigeon blood“…

What does ruby mean?

In Antiquity, this gem was considered the stone of happiness. It was also called the “Lovers’ Gem“. They said that it was a bad omen if it changed its hue but that misfortune would go away as soon as it regained its original color.

Rubies and their benefits

Traditions attribute many virtues to this stone. For instance, wearing it is said to slow down hemorrhages, clarify the blood, be beneficial for our memory, protect the heart and boost our vigor. It is also thought that this gem chases sadness and negative thoughts away…


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