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The Archangel of Safe Travel – Invoke him while you travel!

archangel of safe travel

Wherever you go, there is a risk of accidents or unwanted, unnecessary incidents that you want to avoid, especially when you plan to go out for a holiday. It is thus very important to call upon your archangel of safe travel while you travel anywhere, and the first step to do this is to relax. […]

Archangel Metatron Meditation

archangel metatron meditation

You’ve probably wondered whom you can contact regarding your own spiritual ability. You have your own angels, of course but is there anyone higher up the chain of command? In this article we will be exploring the notion of Archangel Metatron meditation, a specific form of higher self-meditation. We will explore the benefits of such […]

Is Archangel Gabriel female?

archangel gabriel female

Archangel Gabriel female is one the highest angels in the angelic realm. He is the angel of revelation and announcement. He can help humans over their abilities of fear and procrastination to help us communicate in a better way. He has been mentioned in the Bible a variety of times. Gabriel means “God’s strength” which […]

Angels Awakening – A guide to angels awakening and how to carry it out!

angels awakening

Many of us feel the need to contact our angels for a whole host of different reasons: it could be that we seek guidance about a relationship or knowledge on a topic of spirituality. In this article we will be exploring one purpose in particular: an angels awakening. By the end of this article you […]

Angel Soul Purpose – What is it? Get Guidance In Your Life!

angel soul purpose

Everything happens for a reason, and everything that exists in this world exists for a reason. Have you ever wondered what your soul purpose in life could be for being on Earth? There is always a right path and a wrong path to walk on. To walk on the right path is what you need to […]

Archangel Muriel

archangel muriel

We all have angels in our surroundings to help, guide, protect, and assist us in our every day lives. Every angel has special abilities to do certain tasks which have been gifted to them by the Divine himself. Archangel Muriel is one such archangel who has the gift of blessing your life with peace. Who […]

Angel Names – The Book of Angels

Angel Names

Angels are beings that belong to the Angelic realm who exist to help, guide, and assist us in our daily lives. They have been bestowed with special abilities and responsibilities by the Divine Himself, which they are bound to fulfill. They include your guardian angels, the archangels, and all sorts of angels that exist. You […]

The Cherubim and Other Examples of Heavenly Beings!


When you think of “heavenly beings” what is the first thing that comes to mind? Angels? That’s a very fair and normal conclusion to jump to. After all, we frequently hear references to God and his angels but are all heavenly bodies (besides from God) at a similar level? We already know that there are […]