How I, Padre, can help you find happiness


Not all the rich, famous and powerful people are happy. There is a very simple explanation: Happiness cannot be bought, but it is rather won – in other words: deserved. For many years now, I’ve been guiding those who trust me on the way to the happiness they aspire to. That is why I’ve decided […]

3 exercises to open and develop your third Eye


The 3rd eye – also called sixth sense, can be found in every one of us, that’s a fact. But very few people know how to open it and use it. However, some simple exercises can enable you to progressively develop your third eye. Today, I will unveil 3 of them that will help you […]

Bhramara, a mudra for protection

Mudras & Yoga – Padre, Reading of the Angels – Bhramara

Protection, serenity, wisdom… All of this lies litterally within reach thanks to this ancestral knowledge represented by the Mudras, which are also known as the yoga of the hands or fingers. Bhramara is one of these sacred ritual gestures. I’ll leave you to discover it… Practicing Bhramara to develop your clear-sightedness By performing this sacred […]

The Third Eye does exist as well as the aura


It seems it is not easy for most human beings to recognize that these two things do exist and give them a definition. Still, the third eye also associated with the sixth sense does exist, just like the aura. Better still, every one of us possesses them and can derive great benefits from them. How? […]