Padre’s advice

Feng Shui in your home


In the West, there is no such thing as habitat science, contrary to the Far East, and China in particular, where “Feng Shui” is a real art, the art of harmonizing the energies residing in the home so as to favor the well-being, good health, good humor and prosperity of its inhabitants. Tip #1 Today, […]

Long live music!


It accompanies us on a daily basis, it brings us joy, it makes us dance, it relaxes us, it soothes us… Music is riddled with qualities! Turn this ally into a friend. It only wants what’s best for you! Well-being on a daily basis Music is a genuine anti-anxiety tool in life. Case in point, […]

Smile or laugh!


Worries, frantic life, stress… We find less and less time to laugh. Many studies prove it. How many times have you laughed or smiled today? Do you remember the last time you burst out laughing? Merely thinking about it brings a smile to your face, doesn’t it? Smile at life Each day, life sends opportunities […]

The art of eating well


Do you tend to eat your meals at lightning speed while you do something else? For instance, while you watch television or your smartphone? As you can imagine, such an attitude is not really a relaxing one… What if you learned to change it? Saliva, your ally to reach well-being When talking about eating habits, […]