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How to perform a Tarot Card of the Day reading!

Tarot Card of the Day

A Tarot reading may be something that you only consider doing every couple of weeks or months. Once you learn to read Tarot cards for yourself, and no longer have to rely on visiting a psychic, you can perform more regular readings. Considering the Tarot card of the day is one way to not only […]

Is a Free Tarot Reading Online Accurate or Not?

Free Tarot Reading Online Accurate

Whether you’re new to the practice of Tarot readings or not, you’re probably wondering if free Tarot readings are to be trusted. Free fortune telling of any kind can sometimes feel like there must be a catch or a trick, and you’re right to be skeptical. There are certain free activities in the world that […]

What is Lenormand and How Can I Read these Tarot Cards?


Most people are familiar with the basic concept of Tarot cards and Tarot readings, but fewer people are aware of Lenormand cards. What is Lenormand reading and how can you learn to do it? The Lenormand Tarot is much simpler than a standard Tarot deck, you’ll be relieved to hear. We’ll briefly discuss the history […]

How to Give Yourself a Free Love Tarot Reading!

Free love tarot reading

You may be asking yourself what a free love tarot reading actually is. Well, you’re probably familiar with what a tarot reading is. A love tarot reading is one that focuses on the romantic or familial aspects of love in your life. People will typically use such a reading more for romantic love, but it’s […]

Exploring the Tarot Cards Surprising Origins!

Tarot Cards Surprising Origins

Many people are unaware of the Tarot cards surprising origins. As with anything that dates back hundreds, if not thousands of years, there are various reports and stories that slightly contradict each other. We’re going to go as far back as we can and begin to work our way through the history of tarot. The […]

Oracle Card Spreads – Things to know!

oracle card spreads

Do you have an idea of what oracle card spreads are? If you do not, don’t worry since we will be looking into detail about what they are. Oracle cards are cards that need to be used together to make a deck that will answer questions that your inner being asked. Reading angel cards and […]

Which Tarot Card Represents Me And What Does It Mean?

What tarot card am I

Surely you have asked already yourself: ” What tarot card am I?” Tarot cards are very famous for being able to tell a lot about a person’s different lives or incarnations. People turn to tarot cards to learn about their past and their future. But how do tarot cards work? Why is important to have an […]