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How Do Oracle Cards Differ from Tarot Cards?

Oracle Cards

Whenever you hear of a psychic reading, the most common example is a Tarot reading. Many people, even those who don’t believe in the practice, are familiar with the general concept behind a Tarot deck. If you asked them how many cards in a Tarot deck there are, they might not be able to tell […]

A Guide to Performing a Yes No Tarot Reading!

yes no tarot

A tarot reading is typically used for providing answers to complex questions. People use readings to discover information related to their destiny and their place in the universe. Most Tarot cards hold a variety of meanings, and each meaning can change depending on a wide range of other factors. Sometimes though, you’re not looking for […]

What is a Tarot Card reading?

Tarot Reading

Learning to perform your own Tarot reading can seem like a bit of a challenge. In truth, the process itself is actually relatively straight forward once you get the hang of it. The most difficult part, and perhaps the aspect that most people are intimidated by, is having to trust your own skills, ability, and […]

What are Angel Cards?

Angel Cards

You’re probably familiar with Tarot cards, and maybe you’re familiar with Oracle cards, but have you heard of Angel cards? All of these card types serve a similar function: they allow us to channel our spiritual energy into the deck in order to search for answers. However, each one offers something unique, and so in […]

Tarot Lenormand features and what makes it special

Tarot Lenormand

Tarot Lenormand, and Oracle: These are just some of the types of decks that people will often use or associate with divination. When used correctly, these cards can help us identify paths we may wish to take, problems that are snowballing, or connections that are fading. The problem is that these cards all serve a […]

How to perform a Tarot Card of the Day reading!

Tarot Card of the Day

A Tarot reading may be something that you only consider doing every couple of weeks or months. Once you learn to read Tarot cards for yourself, and no longer have to rely on visiting a psychic, you can perform more regular readings. Considering the Tarot card of the day is one way to not only […]

Is a Free Tarot Reading Online Accurate or Not?

Free Tarot Reading Online Accurate

Whether you’re new to the practice of Tarot readings or not, you’re probably wondering if free Tarot readings are to be trusted. Free fortune telling of any kind can sometimes feel like there must be a catch or a trick, and you’re right to be skeptical. There are certain free activities in the world that […]

What is Lenormand and How Can I Read these Tarot Cards?


Most people are familiar with the basic concept of Tarot cards and Tarot readings, but fewer people are aware of Lenormand cards. What is Lenormand reading and how can you learn to do it? The Lenormand Tarot is much simpler than a standard Tarot deck, you’ll be relieved to hear. We’ll briefly discuss the history […]