Sacred locations

The Bermuda Triangle and its mysterious disappearances


The “Bermuda Triangle” is a place in the Atlantic Ocean where some planes and boats are said to have mysteriously disappeared for more than a century. How to explain this phenomenon? What secret does this unusual place hold? Disappearances that are both numerous and strange We have always known that the world is a great […]

Mont Saint Michel, a sacred place


From Australia to Europe and the polar Circle, sacred and out-of-the-ordinary places can be found all over the world, places where men have been communing since the dawn of time. To begin this wonderful round-the-world trip, I suggest we stop in France, on the Mont Saint Michel… A wonder among Wonders What is called a […]

Who is the Archangel Saint Michael?


In these troubled times, it seems to me that talking about the Being of Light that courageously fought Evil and gloriously defeated it is particularly suited: The Archangel Michael. Why talk to you today about Saint Michael? Because not only is he considered to be the most powerful angel in the Kingdom of Angels, but […]