What is the meaning of the number 7?


Symbol of completion and perfection in every tradition,angel number 7 refers to the whole planetary orders, the whole celestial dwellings and the whole spiritual energies. But the number seven is shrouded in mystery and has many other meanings. Meaning of the number 7 in numerology  Obtained when adding 3, celestial symbol of Trinity, and 4, […]

Prayer to discover Fortune


These few words addressed to the Guardian Angels will guide you on the path to wealth. Make them yours and let happiness in. Prayer to attract good luck at games Say this Prayer for good luck at night on the eve of the day when you decide to play: Do not seek to choose the direction […]

7 Secrets to lead a successful life in 7 days


The path to Happiness is often the culmination of a lifetime. But, are we really sure to reach it? There are shortcuts, well-kept secrets that enable us to access success in just one week. You will be amazed to see how easy it is to put these secrets into practice – when you know them. […]

What are Mudras?


Hindu culture contains a multitude of ancient knowledge pregnant with serenity and wisdom. Among the many secrets it holds, there is one with infinite power: Mudras (also called yoga of the hands and fingers). When you master this science, you can considerably enhance your life in a rapid manner. Discover this ancestral secret…   Mudras, […]