Find happiness in 7 days calling names of angels


Here, in this article, I suggest we build your house of Happiness and Prosperity. With every construction phase of this house of happiness, with every step you take, you will move up a peg in the initiation, and this will enable you to create a radiant future for yourself, to make success your faithful companion […]

Prayer to discover Fortune


  Definition for Prayer for Good Luck The prayer for good luck is a prosperity prayer to our creator. The prayer for good luck means that you ask God to help you achieve success and good fortune. God wants us to live in good luck. Use this prayer everyday and remember thoughts and spoken words […]

What is the meaning of the number 7?


Symbol of completion and perfection in every tradition,angel number 7 refers to the whole planetary orders, the whole celestial dwellings and the whole spiritual energies. But the number seven is shrouded in mystery and has many other meanings. Meaning of the number 7 in numerology  Obtained when adding 3, celestial symbol of Trinity, and 4, […]

The Ladder: A strong spiritual symbol


The ladder is one of the most important symbols in the field of spirituality where it represents terrestrial beings’ ascent to the divine world. It is the link between the Earth and the Sky, between matter and spirit, between the physical and metaphysical worlds.  What is the meaning of the Ladder in various civilizations? It […]