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Words of Wisdom – Life by Mother Teresa

quote-life Mother Teresa

We ourselves feel that what we are doing is just a drop in the ocean. But the ocean would be less because of that missing drop. Mother Teresa Sometimes, when faced with the world’s suffering and pain, we tend to throw in the towel and tell ourselves that the little actions we undertake in our […]

The As Above So Below Meaning – A Guide to the Words of Hermes Trismegistus

As above so below meaning

There are many phrases that we hear without understanding the true origins or meanings. We often hear the phrase, “great minds think alike” without knowing that it ends with, “but fools seldom differ.” Another common one is, “as above so below.” We’re going to explore the meaning behind this saying, its origins, and the ways […]

Use positive thinking along with the protection of your Guardian Angel

how to use positive thinking to live a better life

Here is a simple art, one that is easy to put into practice and that, in addition, won’t have you incur any expenses: positive thinking. By abiding by a few rules everyone is able to apply, it is possible to transform your existence and gain access to well-being. How? By using the resources of your […]

3 practical pieces of advice to experience well-being


Every one of us aspires to a better life, a peaceful existence in which dreams and reality come together. To make it materialize, several paths can be followed but it is not easy to find them. Today, I will unveil 3 tips that will guide you on your way to happiness and well-being sensation. Here […]

Words of Wisdom


What is success? It is being able to go to bed each night with your soul at peace.  Paulo Coelho We all seek to shine, show off and have more and more possessions at some point in life. And yet, this is not the kind of attitude that leads to real Happiness, the kind of […]

Words of Wisdom


There is no remedy for love but to love more. Henry David Thoreau Discover some more interesting information with PADRE : THE 12 WELL-BEING RULES HOW TO FIND HAPPINESS IN 7 DAYS? THE PURE MAGIC OF PALO SANTO AND HOW TO USE IT IN YOUR SPIRITUAL PRACTICE SILVER LOTUS GOOD LUCK RING SACRED ANGEL CHARM […]

Words of Wisdom


No one can be a great poet without madness! Democritus   Discover some more interesting articles from Padre: HOW TO REVITALIZE YOUR ENERGY CENTERS LIVING THE PRESENT MOMENT TO THE FULLEST VISUALIZE A POSITIVE IDEA… AT LEAST ONCE A DAY

Words of Wisdom


Three kinds of friends are beneficial and three are harmful. When friends are honest, sincere or knowledgeable, they are beneficial. When friends are pretentious, fawning, or opportunistic, they are harmful. Confucius   Discover some more interesting articles from Padre: CONFUCIUS, THE LITTLE MAN WHO WAS A GREAT SAGE… LIVING THE PRESENT MOMENT TO THE FULLEST […]