Is Archangel Gabriel female?

archangel gabriel female

Is archangel Gabriel female? That is a good question. It is one of the highest angels in the angelic realm. He is the angel of revelation and announcement. He can help humans over their abilities of fear and procrastination to help us communicate in a better way.

He has been mentioned in the Bible a variety of times. Gabriel means “God’s strength” which has been derived from the word “GEBER,” meaning “to be strong.” He is known to deliver God’s important messages to us.

Archangel Gabriel female: Origins

The most famous way in which Gabriel helps us is in pregnancy announcements. He is responsible for announcing pregnancy news to women in the past thousands of years. His news always brings happiness to people.

Angel Gabriel is also known to be the Mother of all Mothers; next to Mother Mary. She is the archangel woman who helps people who are in the fields of creative expression find their way through the help of Gabriel. She protects children and helps parent assist their children.

Thinking that leads to adoption can’t be conceived unless archangel Gabriel female wills it. Angel Gabriel possesses the masculine qualities of a man, however, due to having more qualities of a woman, this angel is also sometimes referred to as a “SHE.”.

The gender of an archangel does not matter as they perform their duties, as well as they, can; regardless of their gender. In the olden days, people preferred male domination, so no one ever saw an archangel as being a female.

But, in reality, Gabriel possesses qualities of a female and hence is known as angel Gabriel woman.

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Bible and angel Gabriel

Like the other Archangels, we may find different references in the Bible. The first instance where angel Gabriel is mentioned in the Bible is where he appears to Daniel after the prophet had a vision. The role of Gabriel is to explain to the prophet what his vision meant.

Gabriel appeared as a man of the prophet. It is also said that his appearance was terrifying as the prophet had become sick after his 3rd encounter with Gabriel. He has also spoken to Zechariah, the priest to announce the news of the birth of the upcoming John the Baptist.

Gabriel had also appeared to Mary where he gave the virgin news of her bearing a child; Jesus. The mother of the Messiah was assured of her favor with God. It is known that all the times Gabriel has appeared, he has appeared where people get frightened.

Thus, he had to begin communicating with a comforting feeling. Gabriel is one of God’s most high angels who is always present in the presence of God.

Gabriel can tell if someone does not believe her

Gabriel had delivered two messages in the book of Luke:

  1. To Zechariah
  2. To Mary

Both of the messages were of children who were to be born. The interesting thing about Archangel Gabriel’s female is that she can tell whether someone believes her messages or not.

For example, when Zechariah questioned her about whether she was telling the truth about the upcoming birth of John the Baptist, Gabriel said: “Look, I’m Gabriel, if you wish to not believe my message, you can stay mute for the next nine months to come.”

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