What are Mudras?


Hindu culture contains a multitude of ancient knowledge pregnant with serenity and wisdom. Among the many secrets it holds, there is one with infinite power: Mudras (also called yoga of the hands and fingers). When you master this science, you can considerably enhance your life in a rapid manner. Discover this ancestral secret…   Mudras, […]

Bhramara, a mudra for protection

Mudras & Yoga – Padre, Reading of the Angels – Bhramara

Protection, serenity, wisdom… All of this lies litterally within reach thanks to this ancestral knowledge represented by the Mudras, which are also known as the yoga of the hands or fingers. Bhramara is one of these sacred ritual gestures. I’ll leave you to discover it… Practicing Bhramara to develop your clear-sightedness By performing this sacred […]

Shiva linga, a mudra to find love


Fortune, love, wisdom… Mudras, also known as the yoga of the hands or fingers, can enable us to fulfil our desires, even sometimes the craziest of them. Among those sacred ritual gestures, there is the Shiva linga, which I’ll teach you here… Performing the Shiva linga to find sublime love By putting this sacred gesture  […]

Mayura, a mudra to bring a project to a successful completion


Mudras are simple but precious gestures for those who wish to realize their dreams, whether these involve love, money, success or even protection. Also known as yoga of the hands, Mudras are ancestral knowledge that still have a rightful place in our daily lives, just as is the case of the Mayura mudra I’ll describe […]