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Whatever can be done another day can be done today! Montaigne Discover some more interesting articles from Padre: GIVING: THE FIRST STEP TOWARD HAPPINESS THE THIRD EYE DOES EXIST AS WELL AS THE AURA 3 EXERCISES TO OPEN AND DEVELOP YOUR THIRD EYE

Finding well-being at work thanks to Feng Shui

finding well work thanks feng shui

The Art of Feng Shui can provide many benefits, notably at work. Whether it is about projects, professional prospects or social, humanitarian or artistic activities, Feng Shui turns out to be a precious asset when it comes to feeling good in your professional life. Let’s in this article, explore  a little more in finding well […]

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Happy Fourth of July !

Happy Fourth of July

On the 4th of July in the United States of America, you’re quite likely to hear the phrase “Happy Independence Day” or “ Happy Fourth of July ”. As such, this day is celebrated in a variety of ways which we will explore further in this article and answer the questions: why are we actually […]

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